Tuesday, April 29, 2008

One of those mornings...

None of our went off this morning for some reason.
So I rolled out of
quite late. Realizing I only had 20 minutes to get Calli ready for school. And she was still sleeping! That NEVER happens either. (she's up before the sun normally!)
Sooo.. got teeth brushed, got her dressed and fed, and hair brushed and we had less than 2 minutes to get her to school. So for the first time ever i figured it didn't matter that i was still wearing my

And my

just to take her two blocks to

and since i was just going to drop her off at the curb, it didn't matter THAT much that my hair looked like this....
I'm sure you moms have been in that situation before, riiigghhtt??
Well..... who knew that TODAY would be the day that my mommy van decided to bite the dust?
And have a little electrical fire on the way back home??
There was literally about that much smoke! I can still taste it in my throat.. it's such a stinky acrid smell.. burning rubber and electrical malfunction... snot good!
There i was.
Standing out there in my jammies and slippers.
Hair doin it's own freaky wacked out thing.
Car smokin away
Cars driving by and staring
me freaking out
just a little
praying flames didn't start to leap out of the hood, and praying it was just smoke
(because that makes sense, right? there's not always fire where there's smoke - right? right?)
Called danny in a bit of a panic
i was only about a block from our house
honey.. i think my car is on fire!?
can you come??
he raced over and saved the day!
my hero!!
then he ran home and grabbed some rope, and rope towed me the block to the house.
and then i called the
and now my poor mommy van is sitting at the dealership, waiting to be looked at.
still no news on what happened, or how much it will be to fix.
at least it wasn't snowing!
and thankful that it wasn't worse - like flames leaping!
and of course
that i had jammie PANTS on, and not jammie SHORTS!! :p
and Jesus had my back yet again!
very thankful i wasn't on a busy street when it happened
where i wouldn't have been able to pull over so quickly and kill the engine.
oh wait.. kill's probably not a great word choice.
STOP the engine. yah. that's better.
So all in all i am just thankful it wasn't worse!
but for now, just waiting to hear how my old faithful van is doin!
Hope you have a blessed day!
And remember.. that ONE time you decide it really won't matter if you don't get dressed to run an errand.... you can bet that THAT IS when the odds'll change!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Bren!! What a day you had. It was funny to read, but I know it wasn't funny happening to you. I'm just glad it wasn't on the way to school, cause the kids would have been upset. I hope it's an easy fix for you. I never do it, but maybe it's time to keep a hair brush in the car LOL.

Jacque said...

ohBrenis...what a great story, but scarey for you. Too bad you didn't have your camera with, so we could have seen what you actually looked like...and what the mommy van was doing! ha!