Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Well i was going nuts, not having something to work on! So I started this rug that I have been itching to do! Here is how far I got last night. I will post progress pics as i go along. It's not huge, 24" x 36" and I should be able to get a little bit done each day and have it done in a week or two - IF i get time to hook each day! LOL This is what it looked like a couple days ago. This is why i don't start my garden until late may, early June! I LOVE this kind of snow! Big big clumpy flakes - the size of cotton balls densly falling from the sky. It's magical!! And today... is going to be in the 70's and warm and sunny! LOL I love Colorado!! :D
Well i got my calendar done for May and part of June. I know have forgotten some things.. and for the life of me cannot remember what they are. Hopefully they aren't HUGE things!!
Got Calli's birthday party scheduled, and got all the invitations written out yesterday, and handed out this morning. So that's done! Yay!
When i am feeling overwhelmed, sometimes it's the simplest things that help! Being able to make a list and accomplish one thing at a time and getting to cross it off and seeing that list grow smaller helps me to not feel sooooo out of control. Know what i mean?
Even silly repeating occurances like dishes and laundry, they still need to be done everyday, and being able to cross them off and have a clean kitchen helps me to focus better through out the day!
I'm battling yet another migraine "session". This is the 4th day, and i'm just praying it will go away and it's nothing serious. Hard to get things done when your head is pounding so badly. But i'm not one to lay around moaning. LOL No.. i'm the idiot that just keeps trying to push through it and keep moving. I don't know if that's a good thing or not? haha!
I saw a yummmyyy looking lemon pound cake here, the other day. And started salivating!
So I made it the other night!
didn't turn out so good :(
It didn't rise. LOL
See how pretty and TALL hers is?
Mine was about 2" high! lolol
I double checked the ingredients. Everything went in!
So... either it's a high altitude thing... or i messed up... or there's something off in the recipe.
Wondering if it was supposed to be 1 1/2 cups flour? and not 1/2 cup?
Bummer too - my taste buds were allll waiting and ready for that lemon cake!!


Emily Loria said...


It was 1 and 1/2 cups of flour. And poor you, a 2 inch thick cake and wrong recipe directions. I am so sorry. Try again please, it's yummy!

Again, I am sorry!

Jacque said...

oh Bren...that's hilarious!!! Poor thing...bet you were really looking forward to a good dessert, hey? Better luck next time.