Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Surgeries and Rugs

Good morning!
Well there was a large change of plans the night i got home from rug camp! My MIL had rescheduled her knee surgery to the next morning - monday! Yikes! So it was scramble scramble scramble to get everything in order for the next day - who would take care of Calli, other kids getting instruction so everyone was in the loop.
We left at 5 am to go to the hospital, and she was in surgery by 7:45 - and unbelievably out by 8:45 !!! Normally it's several hours long!! She had had some big complications with the anesthesia and narcotics last time, and they were able to adjust all that this time and she came through with FLYING COLORS!!! Wow what a difference it was this time around! :) And it was just a day of trying to recover from having her body cut open, and all the drugs. Hard!!
I didn't get home from the hospital until about 8pm last night - and promptly crashed!! I was exhausted!

Seems like there hasn't been even one day without stress and major things to do, since the beginning of May! And it all caught up with me last night. LOL I think i was more comatose than my MIL last night!! haha!

So today is blessedly quiet. Thank God!!
I plan on taking a long hot shower, and then hooking on a traveling round robin rug so i can get that in the mail today. Also hoping to get an inventory done on my ecrater store, and get a boatload of wools listed. One can hope right? :) Somethin to shoot for!

I did get some hooking done at the hospital yesterday. Got three different portions hooked in of the background. Slow but sure. I can't wait to see it finished - i think it will be really cool when it's done!!
We all had a great time at camp!!! It's official!! We LOVE JAYNE!!!! :D
She is a wonderful teacher, that has an incredible eye for color and value in the primitive sense!! And she is so down to earth and "real" - can't help but love her! LOL!

I will leave you with a couple of pics ... this is Sandy and Jayne working on Sandy's rug. They were discussing different ways to hook the big lollipop flowers. They decided on a medium value hit or miss in the same color family. I learned soo much by watching Sandy's and Sue's rugs grow - the same design, being hooked totally different. I think Sue's rug is the closest to what I thought i would be doing in Jayne's class (color and value wise - more neutrals than color) - so it was a blast to see them hooked so differently! This is Sandy's rug..... you can see she hooked up that lollipop flower - looks great, doesn't it?!?!? The whole rug is medium values with a dark background - looks sooo old!!
And this is Sue's rug... omgosh YUM!!!!!!!!!
This was taken on the last day, and she had gotten some background filled in. Hers was hooked with different values of lights, bordering into the lighter shades of mediums, with a dark background, and focusing more on neutrals.

I can't wait to see what the next class does!

I will post more in progress rugs through out the week :) Hope you enjoy!

Bright blessings !


Miccosukee said...

Can't quite tell what the pattern is the two are working on. I think it might be a Wooley Fox one. Can you give me a hint?

Brenis said...

Hi Trisha :)
It's called Aunt Tillie's Garden, a woolley fox design. You can see it here http://www.woolleyfox.com/news.htm

Jacque said...

ohhhhhhh Bren...those rugs are GORGEOUS!!! I love that rug pattern!