Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rug Camp

Just wanted to pop in and say i am having a WONDERFUL time at rug camp!! Jayne Hester is a GREAT teacher (as i knew she would be!! woohoo!!) She has such an amazing eye for old and primitive, and color and value placements!

This is the last day of camp.... sadness!

I will post pics of my rug in progress probably next week. Monday i will be getting orders out that came in the last couple days. Tuesday i will be listing GOBS of gorgeous new wools on ecrater and etsy. And the kids get out of school on Weds. So I should be able to hook by Weds or Thurs night! LOL!

Ok.. gotta shower and get ready to go! Have a wonderful day!


Bren :)


Anonymous said...

Bren, it sounds like you had a wonderful time at rug camp. I'm still looking forward to the day when I have the time, money and energy to do a camp!

But I had to comment on Gavin's graduation. From what you said, Gavin sounds much like my own son so I can only add my congratulations to him on making it through and to the ceremony. BTW, is that *finally* a picture of you and your husband with Gavin?? You posted a picture of you?? Way to go!! But if that's the case, I have to admit that you don't fit the mental picture I had of you. LOL.

Jacque said...

I am loving your pineapple runner, Bren! Cannot wait to see it finished.