Wednesday, May 21, 2008

In progress pics

A couple more in progress rugs from camp...
Andrea's roses

Carol's Sparhawk

Sharon's rooster
Sheri's koi pond (her design)
Lisa's circles
Bonnie's angel
Carla's secret garden

A great time was had by all! The gals that put this on did a fantastic job!! The food was wonderfulllll!! There were sweet little goodies in the morning at your spot to greet you - all hand made by Sue, that put a smile on your face the minute you walked in!
The lighting was wonderful in the room - surrounded by windows - they found a perfect location! Couldn't have been any better!
Thank you Sue, Carol and Andrea! And Jayne!! :)


TamboinMO said...

Thanks for all the eye candy!!!!

Doreen said...

What beautiful work everyone does.

Thank you for sharing.