Friday, May 16, 2008

Gavin Graduated!

Holy cow!!!!! Life is sooo busy right now!!
Yesterday my son Gavin graduated!!!!!!!!
wooohooooo!!!!!!!! Praise God!!!!!!!!!
HE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am of him! And i wish i had a bit of time to wax poetic on how it seems like just yesterday that i was dropping him off to his first day of kindegarten!
Seriously - it does feel like just yesterday!
(And the thanks to the stress of the last two weeks and the coming week i have a cold sore on my lip that is so large, it has it's own zip code!
Holy cow.)
But what's important is that HE DID IT!! He made it!
Most kids.. that's a no brainer, and they are off to college. But it was really touch and go whether he would accomplish this. So yah, this is a big deal! LOL!
Congratulations Gavin!
We are SO proud of you!!

And now, I need to focus on TODAY and get my butt in gear!
I will be away the next three days at rug camp - starting this morning!

I am soo looking forward to it! But i guess it would help if i actually had my wools and frame and pattern gathered up and ready to walk out the door in the next 2 hours! haha! I have not had one moment to even think about it the last two weeks! So racing around this morning trying to get everything together and ready to roll, shower (still yet to do) and make myself presentable!

Woohoooo!!!!!!!!! Let the good times roll !!! :D

Hope you have a very blessed day, friends!


Jacque said...

Hey Brenis...LOVE the photos!!! So glad you posted them. I can tell you are so very proud of Gavin...rightfully so as that's a great big deal!!! YAY Gavin!!!

TamboinMO said...

So good to see pictures with "you" in them!!! How exciting to have Gavin officially "graj-e-a-ted" that means it's summer....right?