Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I won a giveaway!!

Oh my gosh, look at what i saw this morning when doing my morning "blog roll" !!

I had just opened Michelle my belle (Allen Designs) blog, and only saw the top half of this little girl and the "winner is" - and thought oh my gosh she is soo creative - even with announcing a winner!!! Then i scrolled down and saw MY NAME!! Holy cow!
I was soo surprised! And shocked! And excited! LOL
hee hee I felt like a little kid and was doing the happy dance! :D
Needless to say it made my day! Too fun!
Well the last few days have been busy. I haven't hooked for several days, until last night. I will post a photo of my small progress in the morning when I have some decent light. Don't get too excited - snot a whole lot done yet! LOL
I had a wonderful Mother's Day.
Danny bought several bouquets of flowers and put them in all the places of the house that i frequent. The kids woke me up with breakfast in bed (how fun, huh?!) We got ready and went to church, and then my wonderful husband took us all out for a picinic in the park, with KFC chicken and chocolate chip cookies (healthy, eh?lol) and then we all played basketball! It was sooo much fun! :) Forgot the sunscreen though so we were only able to stay about 2 hours. Then we came home and the kids mowed the lawn and started to weed the garden. And danny took me out for an all you can eat crab leg dinner!!
Oh my heart be still! LOL
I have been hankerin for that for weeks!! Tasted soo good!
And then the week kicked in and i've been chasing my tail ever since.
My son Gavin is graduating tomorrow morning!
I am so excited for him, and totally proud!
I hope it all goes smoothly, and I hope he feels like a million bucks tomorrow - holding his head high with a sense of accomplishment!
My rug camp with Jayne Hester also starts tomorrow, but i will be foregoing the first day, and joining in on the second day. I still have to get everything gathered up for that!! Ack!
But i am soo looking forward to learning from her! I love her work, and i just know it's going to be a rockin awesome class! I will report next week what i learned! :)
That's it for now.
I'm going to leave you with a photo that i love!
Bright blessings,
Bren :)

Christ is represented as both these animals throughout the bible. The lion - He is power and authority, and the lamb - He was the sacrificial lamb, also symbolizing his total submission to God's will.
I was reading Isaiah 11 & 12 today, and for some reason i had always remembered that passage to say that the lion will lie with the lamb. But it doesn't! It says the wolf will lie with the lamb. So i went looking for the passage that i thought i remembered! LOL I didn't find it! But i ended up in Revelation 5 about the scroll and the lamb. I won't quote it all here, but i loved how the commentary brought it all together!
"Christ the Lamb won the greatest battle of all. He defeated all the forces of evil by dying on the cross. The role of Christ the Lion will be to lead the battle where Satan is finally defeated. Christ the Lion is victorious because of what Christ the Lamb has already done. We will participate in his victory not because of our effort or goodness, but because He has promised eternal life to all who believe in him."
Are you ready? What if the rapture happened today or tomorrow? Can you comfortably say you are ready? Or has God been knocking on your door for a while?
If these questions make you uneasy - there's a reason!
I pray that you will search Him out!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your win! That was a creative way to display it, too cute. I'm sure you will be holding your head even higher than your son's tomorrow. What an accomplishment.Enjoy every minute of it. May he be very successful with whatever direction he takes in life. And "thank you" Bren for putting God's word in your blog. I pray that one seed will be planted by someone reading it. I know I'm ready, and I pray daily for the ones who aren't.
Kathy (woolfind)