Saturday, May 10, 2008

Basketball Championships

Emily's basketball championship game was early this morning - and i went and forgot my camera!! So I used my phone to snap about 6 or 7 photos - they didn't come out toooo badly! But.. i seem to have lost about 4 of them!? Mebbe my phone was "full" ?
Regardless.. at least we have a couple, right?!
I was too busy cheering during the game to take anymore pics-lol
And guess what?
They are the 7th grade girls champions of the district.
It doesn't go any farther than that, like state champions etc, until high school.
The girls started out very similar to "the bad news bears". LOL And over the short season have grown sooooo much as individuals and as a team! It's awesome to watch their progress and growth!! They were fantastic today!
Congratulations girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm very proud of you!!! :D

(this one was of them practicing right before the game)
my daughter is number 13
We came home and picked up the house a bit, i ran gavin to work, stopped to pick up some lunch on the way home, visited with my mom and she took the kids swimming today! Woohoo! The first swim of the season! Granted... it was windy and raining (cold) so they went to the indoor pool - but they sure didn't seem to mind!
I had a blessedly peaceful afternoon, and then got dinner going and delivered mother's day gifts to my MIL and came home, had dinner and just got the kids to bed! Phew!
Looking forward to a nice day with my family tomorrow :)
Happy mother's day to all of you moms out there!!
You're awesome - and don't you ever forget it!
bren :)

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Trudy said...

Congratulations to Emily!!

What a busy Mom you were today Bren, Happy Mothers day to you.