Saturday, May 10, 2008

Calli turned 6

It was Calli's birthday yesterday. She is now a 6 year old!
Wow i can't believe how time has just sped up the last several years! Wish someone would slow the clock down just a bit!
We had her party in mcdonalds, as this is such an awkward age - not old enough to do other cool stuff, (like roller skating, or putt putt) at least not in an organized way! lol We needed room to run and play - and I needed a place that I didn't need to clean before AND after! Good thing... there were three spilled sundaes... two spilled drinks... and cake icing everywhere. ! Holy cow.
All her last parties were done at home, with 6-8 little ones running around and bouncing off the walls! LOL This year i knew what i was up to, and what i wasn't! haha! She had a great time, and was thrilled to have her friends with her!

We invited the kids to dress up in their favorite costume - just to "spice up" the "mcdonalds experience" a bit. And all kids like to play dress up!

This is Calli and Donald.

She has a crush on Donald! She was thrilled he was there yesterday!

She can read her own birthday cards now! And wow did she!

LOL the perfect goofy picture of my perfect little IMP!!!

This is a TRUE FACE of Calli!! LOL


Jacque said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Calli!!! Looks like a good time was had by all!

Trudy said...

She is so beautiful, happy birthday Calli:)