Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Quiz Answers

Well, I only got 2 whoppin comments on the 80's quiz. :( I'm thinking no one reads my blog, or ya'll are older or younger and that didn't apply to you. hmm... sadly it 's probably the first reason! Ah well. Then these answers are for you TWO PEOPLE that actually participated! LOL!
  1. Gotchya
  2. Gremlins
  3. 16 Candles
  4. Top Gun
  5. Better Off Dead
  6. Golden Child
  7. Risky Business
  8. Raiders of the Lost Ark
  9. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
  10. Officer & A Gentleman
  11. Golden Child
  12. Breakfast Club
  13. Indiana Jones #3 (temple of doom?)
  14. Beverly Hills Cop
  15. Dirty Dancing
  16. Karate Kid
  17. Ghost
  18. Roadhouse
  19. Grease
  20. Caddyshack
  21. Fletch
  22. & 23. Christmas Vacation
  23. ..
  24. & 25 Back to The Future
  25. ..
  26. Lethal Weapon
  27. Ghostbusters
  28. Private Benjamin
  29. Poltergiest
  30. Revenge of The Nerds
  31. Romancing The Stone
  32. Wargames
  33. Weird Science
  34. Ferris Beuller's Day Off
  35. Princess Bride
  36. A Fish Called Wanda

How many did you get?

Thankfully we made headway yesterday and got the FR cleaned and emptied! Hallelujah! Mattress is still there tho. lol Still .. a better day today ! Praise God!! :)

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Anonymous said...

Bren, I read your blog but just don't often have the time to answer a quiz. I've been down for two weeks with a badly sprained wrist and it's hard to type and impossible to hook.
But as busy as my life can be, dealing with the 6 cats, two adult kids, one grandchild and one husband, reading your blog makes me very thankful. I *must* have order, neatness and cleanliness and after reading your entries, I'm so thankful for the life I have. I think I'm just getting too old to deal with all of the stuff you have in your life....LOL.