Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It's about time! Are ya sure you want to know?

So it's about time I actually posted something - donchya think? :P

Life has been INSANE for the last two weeks, and I just don't have any energy left - time to catch up on my sleep me thinks!

The winner for the bloggy giveaway WAS pulled on Sunday - just much later than I had anticipated! Congratulations to BREE!! Your package is on it's way, I hope you like your goodies!! :D

We have had a week or two of insanity, and it just doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon?! Why is it that these kinds of things go in waves?? Where you are riding the wave, trying to stay above water, and trying to keep your sense of humor...and it just keeps going and going until you think you are going to lose any and all remaining shreds of sanity and patience!?

Our normal life is crazy busy all the time anyway. Well duh. LOL 4 kids, a rockin husband, and me.. there is never a quiet minute, and the house never stays clean for longer than half an hour! (grr) Runnin the kids here there and everywhere, bible study, youth group, grama's, meetings with their friends, school things, friends, you get the picture. Both Dan and I run our own businesses, so we are both pretty much on high drive constantly. So when something extra comes up it adds a little strain to the mostly working machine we have going right now. LOL Well when 20 extra things come up... i go crying to my room and want to run away! LOL
The last two weeks have been at the "run away" point!
Calgon? Won't even touch the stress on these days!
God's got my back, and that's the ONLY reason i haven't run screaming into the streets like a crazy lady!
Too long of a story to go into here, and I'm sure you really don't want to hear it!
Suffice it to say we have had a knee surgery, and the care needs that come with it, a broken thumb, a fundraiser, an 11 year old (boy) birthday party that included alot of nerf guns, a scavenger hunt, AND a treasure hunt with bountiful loot at the end, a foul husband that wasn't sleeping well that required an immediate bed purchase, (and the reason i now have a king size bed laying on the floor in my living room), a flat tire, husbands truck breaking down, a broken hot water heater that created a flood downstairs that required our only storage spot in the house to be emptied into my family room so it could be replaced (all carted up by the kids and you know how wonderfully organized they are), and quite trivially an overflowing toilet and stopped up sink, and a 17 year old son that works 20 minutes away and doesn't get off until around 11pm each night and needs to be picked up in snowy and icy conditions to top it off - all in the last week. With a continuing migraine.
Yesterday was the first relatively "quiet" day after this tsunami of insanity. Granted we got another 3 inches of snow the night before, and grama needed to be down in Denver at 9am for a doctor's appointment, and then physical therapy - all during rush hour traffic on the ice and snow - there was no "rush" involved in that 2 hour creep along! i am praising God that my husband was able to do that, as I had misplaced my sense of humor somewhere along Monday night!

So... yah.
I was good... hangin in there... until my family room was filled to overflowing with crap, and my living room floor had a mattress deposited in it. Not one room in the house to escape to, and me being one of those people that feels very "edgy" when things aren't in some semblance of order. Nooo not OCD. LOL Not even close! But i have seen a definite connection to the order of my house and my mood range! We're women. Our home and family being our job - when it's disrupted severely it affects our psyche!

How would you be feeling if this was your house right now??

And i'm not even showing you pictures of the kitchen and garage! Seriously. Hell week.
Mattress is just waiting for Dan to have an extra hour to take it down to the factory and get our money back - thus the reason it's in our living room - and not at the dump! Family room will be tackled today by me and three of the four kids (17 year old seems to not be home much these days) . Too bad I can't borrow one of the neighbor kids to help too! lol since calli is so little she's not much help with the large items up and down the stairs - so it's more like me and two kids!
Oh and have I mentioned i have been in spring cleaning mode? Cleaning out and trying to simplify each room - got a wild hair last week to totally redo Calli's room, and the master bedroom, and then Emily wanted the same treatment. Bailey's room was next on the list, but it's now been dumped in his court to handle! This momma's too tired!
Praise God that his grace and mercy is fresh and new each day!!!! Cuz if it weren't, i'd be a sunk duck!

Hope your day and your superbowl weekend was much more enjoyable!! I promise to come back, after tackling all the elephants here, in a much better mood! LOL
blessings, bren :)

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Mary said...

Hi Bren-
Sorry to hear about all of your difficulties lately. But if anyone has the grace (or should I say the source of grace) to get through, it's you!!! I'm in a small group and we're going through the book "When the Enemy Strikes" by Charles Stanley. Makes me looks at things like this in a whole different light. Stay strong and, most importantly, don't let anyone steal your joy!!!