Friday, February 8, 2008

I have been working on stuff!

First off...Peace and harmony in our home. A little kitty love goes a long way! :)

Treasure maps and clues

Little treasure chests holding the maps, and hiding them around the neighborhood for the birthday party treasure hunt.

A couple penny rug pillows - all wool of course ;)

And hooking on a big honkin rug. 5' x 6' - as part of a challenge.
And i'm not allowed to show you pictures of it :(
such a bummer!!
But i'm really having a good time hooking this rug. Shoot. Just hooking at all! LOL!
It continues to change and morph a little here and there as I change
my mind while hooking.
that alone is a challenge. as is hooking something this size!
so you may not see a whole lot of things being produced.. since this baby
will have my attention for some time!
But in the interim I will be dying gobs of wool, and trying to get my etsy store up and running. Good ole' ebay has decided to raise their prices so high that the little guy just can't survive anymore on there. So stay tuned for the new location of my "wool headquarters" !
Of course you can always go to my website and shoot me an email from there!
But my goal is to have a place that has a shopping cart where when something is purchased and GONE, the item disappears - so there will be no confusion on what is available and what's not.
Unfortunately my website does not give me that ability, unless I want to pay another $600 a year. Snot gonna happen!
Can you say FRUGAL?
Can you say "Dave Ramsey would kick my butt if i did??!!"
So stay tuned!
lots of goodies to come!
Hope you have a blessed day! :D

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TamboinMO said...

Can't wait to see your penny rug pillow finished and the kittys sleeping together is too cute for words!