Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ebay Strike

Well... I need to post about this.
I don't want to come off like I have climbed up on my soap box and am preaching the right/wrong way to go - which i have a tendancy sound like, when i am passionate about something! But I really don't mean it that way!
So please do not take it that way!
Without going into totally breaking down what all the changes have included on ebay.. suffice it to say the greed is coming out loud and clear - without regard for the sellers who have stood by them over the long haul and MADE ebay what it is. I am just what you would call a "puny seller". And even then the fees that i generate and give to ebay every month are considerable in my puny category! After hearing what some power sellers pay every month (before the new fee hike) i am just blown away! But... that also means they are doing HUGE amounts of sales! Corporate ebay is definitely NOT starving! And generating a 3.75% AND UP fee hike, is only the beginning of the new greedwar. :(

I acheived power seller and held on to it for over 8 months... and after realizing that there was absolutely no benefit to busting my butt to keep enough listings on ebay, to keep the sales above that certain amount, all to have a little power seller icon next to my name - held no luster for me, in comparison to spending quality time with my kids and being a good mom and wife! I continued to run my business without the added pressure of that little icon! LOL It was a good decision - the right one for me! It also allowed me to focus on my customer's needs better, and not feel like i was running 800mph in ten directions allll the time!
And because I chose to have a quality oriented business, versus a quantity oriented business - acheiving success in my opinion as a great customer oriented seller - I am now being penalized - along with the masses! Does that seem right?

And I confess - I AM AN EBAY NERD! I LOVE(d) EBAY!
I am just sad, angry, frustrated and dissapointed in them right now. A company that has always been about keeping things on an fair playing ground - is now under new management, and making many many different changes to fees, feedback, controlling your hard earned funds, and tying our hands as sellers in many different circumstances. Not to mention putting the puny guy out of business - at least through their platform!
It has now gotten too expensive to do business there on a regular basis. Occasionally.. if i have something larger to list, or a rug to sell.. i will probably use ebay. But for day to day business, selling items that cost $6.50 - 9.00 each - and paying 18% + in ebay and paypal fees - it's just bad business!

Many are up in arms over the majority of the changes. None of us are seeing them "for the good of ebay" or "for the good of the whole" - more like ebay is cutting off it's nose to spite it's face!

And it's time for our voices to be heard.

They have decided to neglect the sellers that have taken good care of them - and are putting a lot of people's sole income on the line - never a good thing! LOL! Thousands are joining together to stand united and make a statement - that we don't agree, and that it's NOT ok to put sellers in this position - and are striking a boycott for the next week. Those who are striking will be removing their items for sale - either by putting their store on vactation, fully shutting down their store, and or just removing their auctions. We are also asking ebay BUYERS to not participate this week also - showing support for all your sellers that are taking a stand. The goal being that ebay will chose not to lose 1/2 of their awesome sellers - therefore having less choices of great stuff available - therefore not as great of a place for the shoppers!
Please help our voices to be heard!!
It may not even put a small dent in ebay's large pockets. But I can guarantee it will be hurting the sellers that are taking the stand - giving up their (sometimes sole) income for a full week - perhaps longer - to make a point and be heard and get some interactive discussion going with the powers that be on feebay!

And yes, I do believe that if we put our voices together - we CAN be heard!

Unless things change for the better, I won't be doing everyday business on ebay any longer. I have decided to spread my wings a bit and take a 33-33-33 approach. Meaning I am hoping to generate 33% of my business from one location, 33 from another, and 33 from my site. I am currently focusing on making ecrater and etsy my selling platforms along with my website.
I have started a store over on ecrater, if you would like to check it out.
It's a very nice... clean... simple set up - I like it! :D
I will be putting all my new as is wools there... all my new hand dyeds will be going there and stocking it up. The goal is to start getting the word out about ecrater - a wonderful new FREE platform!!
Then I will focus on starting an etsy shop. And I will probably be closing my ebay store at the end of the month. Currently it will be put on vacation status for the strike.
As a small business woman, with a lot invested in my business... I have given this a lot of time dedicated to research and a lot of thought and believe this to be the best avenue. For me at least :)
Please keep the strike in mind this week!

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Maria said...

Good Luck Bren! I admire you for taking a stand. I hope the strike works but fear it will not. Because of the feedback situation, I'm not sure, I'll be selling much on the site either. Keep reminding us (on your blog or the boards) where we can find you. Maria