Friday, November 9, 2007

New Additions??

Wellllllllllll......... my husband fell in love!! LOL
He tried for days to convince me (like i need my arm twisted on this! lol) that it would be fun to bring some furry friends home for a sleep over! hee hee
I was more concerned about our two grown cats - who are HAPPY. Well.. they WERE!!! Until the munchkin invasion started last night!
I said yes, we can give it a one week trial, and if our cats don't seem to adjust, these guys are going back home. Warned the kids to "guard their heart", because it will very sad to see them go at the end of the week if Pounce and Neekers don't adjust well!! We're all crossing our fingers that they chill out and accept a "mommy role" ! LOL
How cute are these lil gals?? We are holding off on naming them until we know if they are staying! Ack!! Sooo hard!!!
This one immediately fell in love with Calli's doll house!! :D

After lots of excitement and playing these four snuggled in and crashed HARD!!!

Isn't this just the picture of pure devotion??
oh my..
it doesn't look like guarding her heart is even an option!
(truthfully my heart's already gone!! But we love our other kitties too much to make them feel like outsiders in their own home. So we shall see how this all goes down!! Needless to say the reactions of the older cats has NOT gone well so far! Hoping that changes!!)


TamboinMO said...

I sure hope your kitties like the kittens....looks like they've got Calli in the palm of their little pink paws!!!
Too precious!!!

kelley said...


I took a bit longer than a week for Chester to get used to Olivia...kittens just have soooo much energy they wear the old ones out...but now they are good buddies and gang up on me!

The two new girls are adorable...and Calli is looking so grown up!

Jacque said...

Love those photos! I hope this works for all!

tootsiegrace said...

They are SOOOOO cute!! And they look very loved already!