Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Fall Glory

Is it any wonder why so many people love fall? All these gorgeous colors, the smell of drying leaves, the chill in the air... ahhhhh. I love it!! :)
Check out these sunflowers! I love sunflowers!! These were particularly cool - as they had purple leaves, and purply tipped petals! (they put purple dye in the water, and as the flower sucks them up, you can see the veins in the petals, and the leaves turn that color. Neato, huh?)
Well i am a woman who is easily pleased!! The simple things in life just delight me to no end! LOL! And these awesome flowers were on my table for about a week or so, and i smiled evertime I looked at them!
Try enlarging this photo to see better.

The colors of fall still around... but not for much longer!
My two favorites... Golds.....

And REDS!!!

But mostly, where ever you look, there is more on the ground than on the trees. (sniffle)

And this is what we are already seeing the most of! Sadness!! Fall comes and goes sooo quickly!
Bare trees :(
Soon winter will be here full force!
But I am so thankful to live where we have all four seasons!! :)

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