Saturday, November 10, 2007


I have taken the Grateful Days Challenge - put out by Jerusalem !!
Check it out and see if you want to jump on board!!
I am normally a very positive person.. one of those that can find the silver lining in every stormy cloud! And I thank God daily - many times a day!- for what he has blessed me with!!
But I think too often we do skip over those little things that we love, that make our face light up, and our soul sing! For the next couple weeks I will be listing things I am grateful for ~ and this is day one :)

I am so grateful for good friends, good rich coffee, and toothless little girls dressed up like cowgirls! :)

I'm thankful that I read Karen Russel's blog yesterday, after the tooth fairy didn't make it to our house!!! Durn tooth fairy must have been REALLY busy that night with so many kids loosing their teeth!? And i didn't feel like such a loser after reading how many other houses she has forgotten!!

(these two are already filling the spot of the 4 she has lost!!)
I am grateful for laughter, and seeing laugh lines on others - it's one of those little signs that i know we will hit it off immediately! :)
I am grateful that I still have my mom and dad!
And I'm grateful for lil furr balls that are full of energy!
Look at these faces!!!
We're thinking of naming the black and white one "curiosity" lolol... and of course then we'd have to name the other "satisfaction" !! har har!
Those may be too long of names though.. so we're still thinkin! :P

Have a very blessed day! What are you grateful for?
Bren :0)

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Erin said...

Hey Bren, I came over from the Wooly site, I also have my own blog too! I love your blog! I am new to rug hooking and anxious to learn, love your blog, your furballs are adorable, and your daughter is a cutie!