Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Busy?Lists? Organized?

I'm grateful to be busy, and even a little behind. (wow never thought I would hear myself say that!!) But it means that I am being blessed by an abundance of work - and that mostly keeps me out of trouble! LOL!

I never seem to ever feel totally 'caught up'. I started thinking about this yesterday and wondering why that is, since I am soo huge on getting orders out quickly!

And think I figured it out! It's a mental issue! :p

No seriously! Even while i am working on one, two or three things... my brain is already looking ahead and saying "ok.. i still gotta do this.. and this.. and that..." and when i'm done with those, i need to list things on ebay.. and clean the bathroom.. and and and... AND the mental list NEVER ends! So no matter how much I get done each day... i am forever feeling like there's still 50 things to be done, and I am never going to get them all finished! As I am crossing things off my list (yes i am a major list-aholic!!) that i have gotten accomplished... as new things come to mind they get added to the list... so basically the list is never ending! :-0 And sometimes as things come up they take priority over things that are already on the list - which kinda messes up my 'time frame plan'!

I often wish i were more organized. :( But I don't seem to be making any headway on that! :(

My business end of things is MUCH more organized than my personal side! And I am very grateful that i have some sense of organization in my life!! LOL Speaking of which i need to get off the computer and get to work! I need to go draw 4 patterns and get them packaged up and ready to go before noon, as I am babysitting for a girlfriend today - which shortens my work day considerably!

I hope you have a very blessed day today - and hoping y'all are wayyy more organized than I am!!!!!! :)

Blessings, Bren

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