Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kittens everywhere!

The kittens are EVERYWHERE! LOL They have laid claim to my desk - mainly this one - if i am here, this is where she is! Rolling around on my papers and desk mess - and chasing the mouse arrow on my screen!! haha... i am forever putting her back down on the ground (or my lap! lol) just for her to run around and jump back up on the desk!

Every nook and cranny... no space is overlooked!

Good place to take a nap!

Until one of the kids (or her sister) comes running by!

It's official... cats and kittens alike LOVE wool. Where there is wool.. there you will find a feline!

I have a box of bolts of wool with some pieces laying on top, in my entryway (cough cough you didn't just hear that!) (and if you did, it's because i am out of room in my wool room - and this is closer to the kitchen where i dye! lol) anyway....
they have figured out how to get up on top of that tall box - because there's wool up there you see- and they have now claimed it as their bed!
Guess those pieces on top just got "written off" - as i don't allow my cats to get near or on the wool i sell!

Chasing the sun spots....
Ever sooooo hyper!!!!!
Lol... donchya just love the energy of kittens???

Unfortunately, Pounce does NOT find it very entertaining!!! :(
Here she is GLARING at them, while they play!

Ahhh... our week is almost up. And i THINK it might be doable. Pounce and Neekers* are at least coming IN the house now, and mostly ignoring them. So that's headway! LOL!
I don't know if they will ever be buddies though?
Or if Pounce and Neekers will fully adjust to having kids around??
Keeping my fingers crossed!
I am thankful for all the happy energy around me!! :)
Have a great day!
(PS - I have had several people ask me why we named Neekers that. haha... because my husband and I are Dorks with capital D's!! :)
Have you ever heard that joke...?
"How do you catch a unique rabbit?"
(answer: u nique up on it!)
ok.. quit laughing at me!! LOL
For some reason that joke hit our funny bone in a serious way when we heard it the first time! and shortly thereafter our kittens came into our life. Welll... our blackie was the dominant one and literally POUNCED on EVERYTHING... thus the name Pounce.
And Neekers.. you guessed it... she "niqued" up on everything - in the shyest way! (still does!) So we called her neeky (as in sneaky) which turned into neekers. :P She's our "unique" kitty!
so... ahem... cough...
yah. LOL


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