Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The last two weeks..

Well i haven't been blogging the last two weeks. That cold that I "thought" was done and better ended up taking me down again, and then turned into a sinus and major ear infection. :( Man oh man!!! I have never had an ear infection.. and holy cow i never want one again!! Talk about PAIN!! I'm finally on antibiotics and on the mend, hoping to mend allll the way this time! :D

Anyway, i HAVE been getting things done in the last week or so! I've just been trying to stay off the computer! I even have pictures to prove it!! LOLOL

I have been dying wool, and getting them listed on ebay..... and more wool.....
... and MORE wool!!

Also just listed a bunch of cool "as is" wools!!!
Let's see...I finally finished that baby quilt !!! wooohoo!! hard to see much from far away. An ark, lil aminals, and the saying "two by two" and "a covenant for all generations to come". Hand appliqued and quilted. I was going to put the baby's name on there as well.. but they haven't named him yet!!
This is me standing on a chair at the kitchen table to get a picture..

I'm not real good at hand quilting yet. Still struggling along with that one! As you can see below... My stitches are not even, nor as small as they ought to be, and i just struggle with the whole process when it's in a frame!!?? So i did this one without a quilting frame, i seem to be able to manipulate the fabric better and have better angles and leverage. Now.. on my other quilt (further down) i'm not quite sure i'll be able to do that!!? Maybe one of these days i'll get good at it!! LOL

I made some fun funky fish pincusions!! These are made of wool, stuffed with wool snippets and sand. This is a Sue Spargo pattern, that I shrunk down a bit. I'll be taking them to the hook-in with me.. don't know if they will sell... they are purty funky!! LOL

I got this all ready to be quilted. Yay!! Finally!! :D
I am so excited about this one as it is for me ! LOL Hand pieced, hand appliqued, Jan Patek design, and i just love it!! I can't wait to get it finished!! Granted... it may take me all the way until next summer to get that puppy hand quilted!! haha!! But that's OK!!! :D

And although it doesn't seem like much... that has kept me totallllyyy busy!! The majority of the hand dyeds sold the first couple days they were up. (There are some left.. and gobs of cool as is wools) so I will be dying again today, just as soon as i take a shower and vacuum!! LOL!!
Hope y'all have a wonderfully blessed day!!
xo Bren


Jacque said...

Hey Breni...LOVELY photos! Glad to see you're keeping busy! Was wondering when you'd get around to a blog entry. YAY! Ya done great on that baby quilt and the big one, too. Dang, girl, you get a lot done!

Gayle said...

Oh My Goodness Bren! You've been BUSY! LOVE your quilt - it has turned out beautifully! And your fishy pincushions are so fun! Where is your hook-in? We just had our first annual one here in Utah and everyone had a lovely time!