Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Finally feelin better

I'm finally feeling better! Yay!

That cold was a hum dinger, and really laid me low for the last week. :(
Haven't gotten much of anything accomplished because i was feeling so pukey. But i HAVE been working on that baby quilt - and getting it quilted up! I'm about 3/4 of the way done with the quilting now - almost there!! woohoo! I need to hustle it up, as the person it's for is about 2 weeks away from giving birth!!

I hope ya'll had a great holiday weekend!
We didn't do much. Puttered around the house, went to church, got some laundry done, played "Life" with the kids one night, got to spend a little time with a good friend - that's always soo nice!! :)

Yesterday I was going to take the kids to the skate park, and happened to be talking to my girlfriend, and she was excited to join us! So it turned into a realllyy nice day, of lots of kids playing on anything that had wheels, and gabbin with a girlfriend ! We're both usually so busy we have a hard time "making" the time to do things like this!
I did bring my camera... but didn't take loads of pics - duh! LOL! But caught a few decent ones!
The boys road their bikes on the bike course, roller blades, and skate board. :) But I didn't get any pics of them in action!! Bummer!!
The girls mainly road their scooters and gave roller blading a try!

Best buds! And a good day :)

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Jacque said...

Hey Bren...LOVELY photos!

You've been tagged...go to my blog to read how to play the game. Love ya!