Monday, August 27, 2007

Calli's awesome week!

It's just amazing how fast time speeds up when they hit this age! :(

4 weeks ago she started reading. For real. And has an incredible handle on it!!
Then, she got her first loose tooth... school was scheduled to start....
she started kindegarten, and got 2 more loose teeth...
this week... she learned how to tie her shoes - in 5 minutes flat!!! (this was amazing enough in itself to me! LOL!! All my other kids took WEEKS!!!) And she's GOOD at it!
Then that night she went and lost that tooth!
Wow... who sped up the clock?

I saw another blog this morning, with the picture of a little neked bebe, playing in the middle of their living room... in the middle of potty training. Shoot. It gave me such joy to see that freedom, and such sadness that those days are now past for me. :( (although calli is a nudey at heart, and if allowed would run around neked ALL the time - unfortunately with two older brothers and her being 5, it was time to insist she keep her clothes on all the time! LOL!!)
Anyway, it just seems like all these milestones are coming faster and faster - and piling up on one another. It makes me want to yell "slow dooowwwwnnn"!!!! (and yes, at the same time i am jumping for joy for her!! She is absolutely THRILLED with all these new accomplishments!!) only you guys get to hear my inner sorrow over these things.
After 4 kids, I really didn't think this would phase me so much. You know .. you kind of desencitize (sp?) to it... but apparently the first AND the last affect you just as hard! :)
Today I am working on that baby quilt, and binding a little rug that I made for my girlfriend. :)
I've got some nasty snotty cold thing, and just planning on doing alot of sitting and nose blowing today!
Have a very blessed monday!! And if you're a mom.... don't forget to stop and enjoy every little moment! :D

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Jacque said... those photos of Calli! What a great little girl she is. Time marches on and all too soon, she will be...well, older!