Monday, August 20, 2007

Thank you! & New Nice Award

One of the sweetest gals I know, Tammy of Skip To My Ewe, awarded me with the "Nice Matters" award!! THANK YOU TAMMY!!! I have been very blessed to have met Tammy 5 or 6 years ago, through rug hooking. She is one incredibly creative, spunky and NICE person!! Go check out her blog if you aren't already reading it regularly! She has this blog thing not only down pat, but mastered!! I love all her funky fun pictures!!
The beauty of this award is to pass it onto others that you feel deserve it, and bless them with the aknowledging their kindness. :)
I am going to pass this onto two different bloggers. One I know very well... and the other not at all!

Jacque Anderson of Doodles of My Mind immediately came to mind, as she is a good friend of mine, and we have grown quite close over the last few years, and especially this last year as we are working on a dye book together!

I am VERY blessed to have her in my life, and call her friend!!The link above is for her blog, and her website is: She is "dog obsessed" and her hooking and designs take that love to a whole new level! Go check it out!! And of course she is nice, nice, nice!! :)

The other lady I send this award to is Karen Russell. I don't know her at all, and yet I feel like i could know her VERY well!! LOL I don't know if that made any sense at all? I found her blog through Creative Blogs along with several others... and immediately identified with Karen, and her life as a mom, her kids, etc... as well as her sense of humor. Some people blog to journal, some blog for entertainment, some for advertising... Karen somehow captures life and all that it encorporates with her amazing pictures and stories! I look forward to reading her blog everyday!!
So here's a shout out to someone I don't know, that I think deserves this award!! My life... just not on the road i expected (but it's still dang good!) Have fun getting to know Karen a little bit!
Have a blessed Monday!
~Bren :0)

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