Monday, August 20, 2007

Finishing UFO's & New projects

Just some fun things today...

I finished my son's quilt this weekend. Finally!! LOL

This was machine sewn and quilted (have i mentioned that i hate machine quilting as my sewing machine just CHUNKS the bobbin thread over and over?!?)

But I'm trying to finish up some UFO's and this was one of them! woohoo!! All homespun, boy colors, with blue and white ticking for the sashing, and navy blue homespun for the borders and backing.

I "doodle quilted" - not quite stippling... as i made lots of loopty loops, and hid words in there... joy, faith, love, Bailey, Jesus loves you,hope, etc... here and there... and since they are done with such dark thread, they are not noticeable unless you are looking... or happen to stumble upon them! He thinks this is pretty darn cool!!!

After I finish my Dog House rug, and Faith rug, this is the next one on the list!! woohoo!! I can't wait!! It is a design by Monika Jones of Folkart Landing. I just love her designs, and the way she color plans her rugs!! She nailed MY two favorite colors in this rug, and i knew I had to do it! Hookers, check out her site!! I know.. i iknow... i have to finish those others FIRST!!! LOLOL I keep telling myself that!! :-P

I thought this was a neat old quilt. There's a great little article about preserving your quilts, and taking care of antique quilts.. thought some of you might like to read it, if you like old quilts like i do!!

I just love Laurie Simpson's newest book!! There are several quilts in here that I want to do! I have been drooling over them this week. Laurie is such an amazingly inspiring creative woman!! And I can't believe how fast she whips out these hand pieced and hand quilted pieces!!!! Just mind blowing to me!

If you haven't seen all the goodies in this book - it's definitely worth the time to check it out! :)

But first things first,... i have to finish this one! The top is completed, (although not in this picture) and i will be hand quilting it... but haven't even started that process yet. Not much "sit down time" lately!

AND I have to finish a baby quilt for my cousin who is expecting her first baby in September!! oh my!! I need to get biiiizzzzyyy!!!

On an up note....
I'm really excited, as I allowed myself to cave and buy a couple books yesterday! :-) woohoo!

First I got the second Hooked Rugs Today book. These are SUCH GREAT BOOKS!! Talk about eye candy!!

I have the first one, but have been patiently waiting to get the second one! Yay! and it's finally on it's way!!

I also ordered Polly Minick's new book - The Americana Collection. Oohhhh she's been teasing us with the cover for some time now, and it's finally been released!! I can't wait!!
If you've never seen Pollly's rugs or other books, i highly encourage you to find them and get them!!! Check out her website here:
Polly and her sister Laurie are so icreative and incredibly talented!!

I'm sure these will be packed full of motivational pictures and commentary!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!
Happy(very) late birthday to me!! LOLOL (that works, right?)
Have a blessed day!
Bren :)

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Gayle said...

Hey Bren - LOVE your son's new quilt! What a great idea to mix the ticking with the homespun plaids! One of my friends had her testimony quilted into a quilt - line by line - and it was totally awesome! It was quilted from the back with a contrasting thread so it wasn't really noticeable from the front - what a great thing it was!

I haven't bought any new hooking books for quite awhile - I'm hoping that Joann's will get the new ones by Polly & Laurie so I can use a coupon to get them!