Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cinnamon Applesauce & Quilts!

Ok, so I'm somewhat of an "old soul". I tend to lean towards all things handmade. I love old quilts, hooked rugs, samplers etc... and home made food! Although in my busy life, I have been known to break out a box of hamburger helper when nothing else has been planned for dinner! (ok i know.. i know - gag!!! LOL But just bein honest!) But on those days that I have a bit of time, I am more apt to make a dinner from scratch! Yesterday was such a day. Yay!!

This is a simple quilt I finished for Calli's room a week or two ago. (mind you i said finished. LOL The whole quilt has been DONE - except the binding for... oh.... 6-8 months? It only took a weekend to make! And yes this one was machine stitched. Although I prefer the whole process and results of hand stitching versus machine!! This was made for a little girl that is likely going to beat it up!!)

Bailey's quilt is almost done too. I am hoping to work on it a bit today!! woohoo!!

Ok.. so we have an apple tree in the back yard. I am not quite sure what KIND of apples they are?? But in the last few years, the apples have gotten progressively bigger. When we first moved here I thought they were crab apples! But... apparently we are seeing the fruits of someone elses labor finally paying off! :D

Last week I picked about 50 little apples, to try some home made applesauce... and stood in the kitchen peeling, slicing and de-coring. Ugh. Took me ALL day!! The kids gobbled it up, waxing poetic the whole time! LOL!

I mentioned to my girlfriend she ought to come over and pick some apples so she could make some applesauce. She non chalantly says - oh you're welcome to borrow my apple peeler.


You have an apple peeler???

LOL so needless to say I borrowed it yesterday!! Check out this handy dandy whizamajig!!!! This thing ROCKS!!!!!!!!

Apparently my picture cut off the handle to the left! woops! This thing PEELS, SLICES AND CORES in a matter of seconds!!!!! I did 50 little apples in about 20 minutes yesterday!!!!!!!!! TOOOOOOO COOOOOOLLLLLL!!!!!!! I am definitely needing one of my own now! LOL! This is a pampered chef model - and no matter what the cost, I'm thinking it's worth it when you have an apple tree!!

They are cut into long slinky like spirals. VERY fun! The kids thought this was the neatest thing! (ok.. and so did i !)

At this point you just add a smidge of water (maybe an inch in the bottom of the pan) and cook on low until they start to fall apart. Add a LITTLE sugar if you need to - depending on how sour your apples are. Give em a couple stirs to break them up and you will have chunky applesauce (we like it that way) - or cook a little longer and use your potato masher to make it smoother.

We like Cinnamon applesauce, like my grama used to make. And it's the simplest thing - just throw in two medium sized handfuls of red hots - let them melt and VOILA !! YUMMM!!! :D

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Angela said...

I just found your blog thru Skip to my Ewe and just wanted to let you know that I sell Pampered Chef and my website is if you would like to check out the Apple Peeler, Corer, Slicer. Wish I had an Apple Tree!!!