Thursday, August 23, 2007


Woohooo!!! I got my chores done, the kids off to school, the dishes done, and kitchen clean, the laundry going, clean laundry put away, the house vacuumed, and now.......... I GET TO HOOK!!! :D Yep. Doin the happy dance! So why is it I am actually feeling GUILTY because I am going to sit and hook?! Prolly cuz there's always more around the house to do? Maybe because I'm actually home all alone, and there's so many other things i "ought" to do while alone? (like dying up a gob of wool for ebay) hrrmm.... Well, I'm going to have to get over it. I NEED to hook just as much as I NEED to keep the house clean. Hooking is my sanity, and my creative place - and if i don't do those things on a regular basis, I am just not a good person. And I haven't for a couple months now. :( Finally finishing those quilts has opened the ever present creative door... wide and beckoning! So... i need to get off this computer and get to it! Have a blessed day! xo Bren

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