Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Gavin turns 17

My oldest son Gavin turned 17 on Sunday.
(yes i'm still having a hard time accepting he's already 17!! LOL)
Here are a few snapshots of my "hairy dude" (that's all the rage right now, donchyaknow?)
But personally I LOVE it when he pulls his hair back!!
He loves anything "ninja" ... so this shirt was appropriate. LOL (not to mention that he calls his little sister Calli "monkey" or his "ninja monkey" or "trouble monkey" !!! So this shirt holds double meaning!! :D Ok... so i've gotta tell you this story!!
Calli was spazzing before Gav's "party" - she went and grabbed her present, and wrapped it all up herself! Then was about to come unglued as he's opening it..... it was a PINK POODLE stuffed animal from mcdonalds! :D
So you can just imagine what's running through Gavin's head. LOL
And here's how the conversation went:
G: "Wow buddy! Thanks!"
C: "You're welcome!! I knew you would LOVE it!"
G: "haha... yah.. it's a pink poodle! What's not to love??"
C: "No Gavin, it's a "Noodle"! "
G: " A noodle???"
C: " Yah!! A NINJA POODLE!! "
G: "Oh really?" - laughing
C: "Yah, he's a ninja and a poodle - get it?"
G: "But Calli.... i don't think it's a boy... it's PINK!?"
C: "No, it's a boy! He just likes to wear pink!
G: "Why?"
C: " Just because.... he LIKES pink! He's a NOODLE!!"
(like that was supposed to explain everything)
G: "Cool!! I think i will wear him right here.. on my necklace, and he can guard me!"
C: "Oh good, I was hoping you would do that!! :D "

(so... in all the following pictures.. you can see... the Noodle around gavin's neck! She wanted to know if he would wear it to school!! LOLOLOL)

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