Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Calli's First Day of School!!!

Ok.. it's official! My baby is now a kindergartner!! Holy cow. Where does the time go????
Here she is in front of our front door... watch the expressions on her face as we get closer to going, and then get to school! She was soooooooooooooo excited, i thought her face was going to explode!! LOL!!
Sadly, two mintues before we were about to leave, she sees her little girlfriend out in the back yard, and goes running out to tell her friend that TODAY is the day!! A second later a mean little bee stings her right on the chest!! Sheesh. What a way to start the day off, huh? Poor thing! But.. i told her today is a day for alot of "firsts" !! First day of school... first bee sting... first teacher... etc etc. LOL AND... her two bottom teeth are now soo loose, i wouldn't be surprised if she comes home without them today!! :-o

Below...(the look on her face here is priceless!! "I'm here!! I'm so excited i can't stand it!!") You can enlarge the picture by clicking on it. That blue piece of paper in her hand is a letter she wrote to her teacher, to tell her how happy she is to be in school finally!
Ok... i am smiling ear to ear, so excited for her!! But inside, my heart is also breaking a bit. My baby has left the protective arms of mom! :(

Bye bye baby :(


Anonymous said...

Bren.... OMG Calli is adorable. She's not a baby anymore.... LOL She's a beautiful little girl. I cannot believe how much she has grown up. Thanks for sharing the pictures... and your son is 17!!!!!!! When did that happen???? Post more pics of all the kids. Time goes by so fast......soon they will be adults!
Hugs.. Cyndi

TamboinMO said...

Lovin' the pictures of Calli...she just looks like a little bubbling fountain!!!
....and that backpack...makes her look so small....just think if you had a backpack and it reached from your hand to the floor....DARLING!!!