Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Swimming Kids

Kids and their swimming lessons!! Calli is doing sooooo good!!! She's putting her face all the way under the water and holding her breath!! She made a friend right away, who shared her goggles with her on the first day... and the courage that came from wearing those goggles, was mind blowing!! So... yep... we went that day and got some of her very own! :)

Calli-bell, the smilin fish :)
quick friends!!

that's calli's head to the left of the teacher! Holding her breath for a realllyyyy long time!!

Ready? Set?

GO!!!! (down under next to her friend)

Doing the "ice cream scoop" w/ the teacher.


BRRRRR!!! waiting their turn to jump in!


The ham at work....

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