Monday, July 2, 2007

Newest Rug

This is the new design I am working on, and brought to camp with Cynthia Norwood. It's called "Faith" .I had decided to use two lighter colors... like an antique kahki (similar to a tea dye) for the middle, and a light chocolate milk color for the border. Basically a medium value and light value. The border being done in mediums and dark values.
Well... i don't know what was up with the water the day i was dying?!?!? But after dying 4 yards of the same color, and similar colors trying to acheive my normal chocolate milk color (mocha latte) they all came out more of a taupe with pink undertones! soooo that is what i ended up using! It did kind of change the whole look of the rug... that pink undertone versus a brown undertone changes a LOT!! So, i'm kind of struggling with the "pinkishness" of it all! LOL!
I kept catching heck from my fellow campers, when i would say "but it's so... pink!" - they would all say "It's NOT PINK"!!! hahaha! (ok different meanings of pink! They were right, and so was i. LOL It was pretty funny!) Anyway, even thought it's not colors i normally work with, i think it will turn out ok. I am trying to stretch beyond my love affair of antique kahki and antique blacks!!

The wording looks a little bit funny, because i have not cut my tails yet. As I get the top two lines hooked (in an 8) i will then pull them all out and rehook them in an 8.5, so they will be sharp and crisp! (A wonderful little trick that works wonders, for those of you that like to hook letters!!! AND for those of you that don't like to hook them because they seem to dissapear!! Give it a try sometime, you will be amazed at how awesome they end up looking!)
You can see the little areas that we hooked in some paisley, and in person it really is a wonderful touch! Something I have never done before, and I am really enjoying! :D
Cynthia was a wonderful teacher!! She TAUGHT!!! She taught alot of the "why's" for color planning, as well as they "why nots"!! The way she combined color was sooo surprising to me - as they are things i never would have chosen together in a million years!!! LOL!! And they were fantastic!! We got to watch and learn as she planned other's rugs... i learned a ton! I wish now that i would have taken pictures of everyone elses in progress rugs, so i could have shown you! But.. sadly i ran out of room on my camera during the rug show. But.. hee hee... i have a gob of pictures of great prim rugs!!
I am going to email the gals, and ask them if it's all right for me to post a photo of their rugs here. If and when I get permission i will post them for you to drool over also! :D There were such talented ladies at this camp!!! And it's always such a joy to me to be able to see other's rugs - and in person is even better!! So crossing my fingers they will let me share them here!
For now i have to get back to work! Taking the month of June off (and it FLEW by) i have orders backed up that i must get done now!!!
More soon..
Bren :0)
PS you can click on the photos to enlarge them!!

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Jacque said...

Brenis...that rug is LOVELY! Pink undertones or not (hard to tell when not seeing it in person), it is going to be awesome! Keep up the good work! So happy that you enjoyed your rug camp...and learned from it! YAY!