Monday, July 2, 2007

I'm back!

Well, i am back from my rug camp. :0) In some ways very happy to be home... and in others so sad I had to leave! Everytime i go to Steamboat Springs, I strongly want to move there!! I just don't want to leave!! It is a quiet, remote mountain town, down in a valley... actually a ski resort town. But there is just something about it there... a friend summed it up in one word... SERENITY.
Yup, that's exactly what it is!
I am a country girl at heart... having grown up with wide open spaces, lakes and oceans, I have a very hard time living in "the city" . And after coming back from the mountains, even the suburbs feel closed in and unnatural! I think i leave a little piece of my heart there each year that i go!
Aaahh... well... snot much more to say about that!
The camp was terrific!! I will go into more in the next post. But here are a couple of pictures..
This is a picture of the room where we were hooking... well part of the room. Next to me is the pool table that they covered to use as a "work space & teaching space" - worked perfectly!! To the right is another large section of the room, this was only one corner of the great room! Everyone hookin away!! See what i mean about serenity?
One morning i woke up to see a hot air balloon less than a mile away... behind it you can see the ski slopes. Below are just various shots of the view from the house that the camp took place at, and I was fortunate enough to stay for those three days! These were taken from right in front of the house!

Is it any wonder why i leave my heart there every year?????
I guess it's time to get my head back into reality, and my butt back in gear!! Back to mommy duty, and work mode!
Sigh... until next year steamboat! :0)

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TamboinMO said...

Oh Bren,
I can see that you totally needed that "break"!!! So serene!!! I think we all need breaks like that to get our heads together and let our souls relax.