Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Almost done with the top!! I still have to sew on the two (left and right) borders... and then a thin red border on the two applique sides - and then i'm done!!! woohooo!!
The back is a gorgeous deep red fabric that is the same as the flowered borders... except reversed with red background and green and gold flowers.
Yesterday i spent ALL DAY trying to take care of all the medical release forms for the kids to go to camp in a week. Sheesh. Can't believe it took up the whole day!! The hardest part was tracking down who & where for Emily's to get signed off!! But it all finally came together at the last moment. Phew!! Still waiting on Gav and Bay's from their doctor. They are getting VERY excited about their trips!
It will be a week spent with others their age, an adventure to be sure... hiking.. camping.. and delving into the Word... and i just know the Holy Spirit will fill them with such awe in that week's time!! I'm excited for them!
Today I have to draw out my pattern for camp, on friday, and get the wool dyed up. Also have to make several pouches and draw a few patterns for the orders that came in over the weekend.
Gavin is going to play paint ball with his buddies...
And i think i am going to fill up the kiddie pool and send the kids outside so i can get my work done! :D
I guess i better git to it!
til next time :0) ~ Bright blessings!

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