Saturday, June 2, 2007

Well today was busy, in the best of ways! Having had severe vertigo for the last three weeks, and having to keep my head on a "level plane" for weeks on end, when it finally went away four days ago, it was like being set free from a jail!!! Wooohoo!! I can do normal things again!! :0) So, i have been running around like a new free woman! LOL We took the kids to the concert on friday. Well... let's just say it was definitely geared towards kids! Hard rock has never been my thing! :-P But the kids LOVED it. Of course! Got home late last night, got up early this morning and took the boys to their dads... then headed over the the shabby flea market. Oohhhh!!! It's been a whole year and i was sooo tickled to have it back! We roamed and looked and oohed and aahhed. I bought the most darling little train case (box tote) for putting my quilt blocks in to keep them portable and ready to go. Sooo cute!! I will post a pic of it tomorrow. Not my norm... but it makes me smile, and i get creative just looking at it - so that's a good thing! :-) My husband is incredibly tolerant of me when I go to this market!! He knows how much i love it, and EVERYTHING (it seems) there!! He even offered to buy me a gorgeous old primitive swedish bench - for $500!!! And he was serious! Whatta guy! I am sooo lucky!! He definitely earned points for that!! LOLOL Even though I did turn him down. :0) It was gorgeous.. but i wasn't sure about the dimensions and if it would work in our kitchen. haha... had i been SURE, i probably would have taken him up on it!! Well... after talking them down a bit of course! LOLOL! Took the girls to lunch, then came home and tackled the garden. Got all my starter plants planted, and the maters are planted, and the rest of my herbs. Yay!! (did the flowers and other herbs the other day - read the post below! LOL) Then my husband ran to the hardware store and picked up a few more things and we were spreading bark, and spraying miracle grow, and patting those babies in for the night! Cleaned up the kitched got the girls to bed, and am sooo happy to be sitting down right now! I am totally pooped! Church and birthday party tomorrow. And i have to draw out my pattern and start pulling wool for it. I wasn't sure i would be able to go, since the vertigo hadn't gone away. I was just taking it one day at a time, and praying it would just dissapear!! I think i am in the clear (knock on wood) and i should be able to go. ( the camp is up in the mountains - and i'm a little nervous about the high altitude swinging it back the other way!! But i think it's good now. PTL!!) So now that i think i can go, i guess i really better get my act in gear!! :-) I'll be having Jeanne Benjamin as my teacher - really looking forward to meeting her and learning from her! I 've never had her as a teacher, so it should be fun! The group of gals that attend this camp every year are an absolute hoot, and I just fell in love with them when i met them!! Looking forward to seeing them all again!! I'll be taking a new design with me, and will post pics when i get back! Hope ya'll are enjoying your weekend as much as I am!! Blessings, Bren :0)

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