Saturday, June 2, 2007

Gorilla Glue Tip

Ok.. so just a little tip!
Gorilla glue and dirty hands don't play well together! :-o
I was planting some of my herbs and things the other day, noticed my gorgeous strawberry pot had broken this winter (probably allll that heavy snow) couldn't find the crazy glue, so borrowed some of my friend's gorilla glue.
#1 I am not a glove kind of girl.
#2 I don't have a problem getting my hands dirty.
#3 I am a messy gardener. I LIKE to play in the dirt with bare hands!
#4 Never thought this would pose a problem when using this product!
#5 I was wrong!! LOL
I now have soil literally glued to the undersides of my nails, and cannot get it off/out! Lemme tell ya... i'm lookin reallll purty!!
So... tip... even if you're not a "gloves kinda girl" - use em with this stuff!! LOLOL

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