Monday, June 4, 2007

A wee bit stressed...

Ok... so yesterday I had a revisit with the vertigo crud. :-(
Needless to say, I was pretty much in tears. I thought that challenging chapter of my life was past. But maybe I embraced the new chapter too soon.
Still makes me sad.
I want sooo badly to just feel better and get back to doing all the things i love!!
Because of the vertigo, & migraines, I have been put soooo far behind. Not being able to even look down to draw a pattern, much less do anything else! I have several orders piled up and waiting, and i just hate that feeling that I am not ABLE to complete them and get them out immediately!!
I also am supposed to be leaving for my camp in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow. And as of yesterday, I didn't think I would be going, with as yucky as I was feeling.
This morning... PTL... am feeling much better!
So.. saw this picture, and it pretty much sums up how fast I need to paddle to get all these things done TODAY!!
So first things first, get my orders done out. And then run to kinkos to enlarge my design and transfer it to linen, and pull wool to hook it. Pack for the trip, and will probably be falling into bed around 2, to wake up at 4!
So with that said... i need to get off of this computer!!
Wish me luck!!!

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