Monday, June 11, 2007

Time to Whitewash!

Well our swing was looking pretty dilapidated! So since the kids are already sooo "bored" with school being out, we put them to work painting the swing! Of course they were thrilled to do it!! But my littlest.. Calli... was just sooo sad that she couldn't paint the swing too. So we taped a big sheet of paper to the fence, and gave her some paint and a paintbrush and said "go to it!!" :D
Well needless to say, she was thrilled also!
They all have old grungy clothes on.... because as you know... kids... and paint... ?? LOL The paint never manages to stay where it is supposed to go!!

Bailey and Emily painting the swing.....

I am still picking paint out of their hair, a week later!! LOL!

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