Monday, June 11, 2007

Rug Camp

Well, I did get to go to rug camp!! Wooohooo!!!! :0)

Had a great time!

I love the group of gals that gather at this camp, and it's always so good to see them and gab for three days solid!

I came home not so rested, with no voice left, and about 10 pounds heavier (with wool) and completely happy!! LOL!

Jeanne was a great teacher. Very easy going, and very versatile! She was just as comfortable planning my big primitive with 8.5 strips, as she was helping the fine shaders and painterly hookers with their #3's,4's, & 5's!

I did miss a few of the gals that normally come... just wasn't the same without them there! But had a grand ole time, not hearing my kids arguing, tattling and whining! LOLOL!

The same day that i left for camp, my mother in law arrived, having driven from California - just in time to meet her moving truck! And of course the kids were over there practically 12 hours a day while i was gone! Poor grama!! But i hear they were a great help - so that's cool!

Well, I just wanted to post a quick pic of my rug in progress, and let ya know that i got to go, and got hom safe!

Granted coming home to a messy house, and piles of laundry that have my name on them, was not so thrilling... (welcome back to reality mom!!!) I was sooo thankful to be able to go!

Now just to get everything ready for the next one! Only 10 days away!! Oy!!

Wish they would have been more spread out , like in the past.... but... there's no way to dictate that! :0)

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


Bren :0)

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