Friday, April 15, 2005

A month gone by...

Well holy cow a whole month has gone by!! hahaha! So much for keeping up with a DAILY journal! Life has a way of taking some really weird turns! Several weeks ago I pulled a majorly moronic maneuver. It was midnight, and I was hearing a ruckus outside.. and found myself wondering if I had locked the car doors. So figured I would run out there really quick and make sure! Stepped out my front door - and the porch light did not come on (it's motion sensitive) - so I waved my arms trying to get it to come on. Nada. Figured what the heck, and went to check the car locks. Well... it was really dark... and i proceeded to MISS the first step (and consequently the second and third), and went down like a pile of bricks! My ankle rolled and snapped as i landed on it, and I was sure it was broken!! Well..... LONG story short... the bones weren't broken, but apparently I had ripped a bunch of muscles or tendons off the bones, and have a severe sprain. Been on crutches (read torture sticks) for the last month or so, and pretty much out of commission! Have you tried running a household with three kids, and a business when you can't carry anything?!?! Just the pits!!! Well i ended up getting a large blood clot in my leg, thanks to the sprain. The clots carried to my lungs, and I ended up in the hospital. :0( I am VERY lucky to still be here and able to write this! I am praising God regularly that I had it checked soon enough!! It's been a LONG haul. And I'm still not 100% .... which is a real drag... i guess i expected to feel alot better by now!? But healing slowly but surely! So.. who woulda thunk? A very active mom of 3, on the go constantly - who is being taught a lot of lessons in patience and pride! Well that's about it for now. Really don't want to drone on and on about negative stuff! Getting ready to start a new rug, and my brain is working overtime on the color planning. I think I am going to do it in warm fall and earthy colors. Kind of excited to get going on it! Is a rather large one, so should keep me busy for a little while! :0) I just got a new book yesterday and it is AWESOME!!! Called "Hooked Rugs Today" by Amy Oxford. Oh mannnnnnn it is a gorgeous book!! Full color and TONS of photos. I think this will definitely become a favorite!! Well, until next time! Bright blessings, Brenis :0)

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