Thursday, May 19, 2005

Passion = Obsession (in everday life)

I think it's important to have hobbies and interests, and things that just make you PASSIONATE in life! Skydiving... skiing... rock skipping... fly fishing... art... whatever! That being said... I think passion is also equivilant to "obsessive"! My father is an incredible water color artist.... art is his "passion".... ie his obsession. Every artist I have ever known has been this way. For some reason we live breath eat sleep our "passion". Doesn't matter where you go... if you are grocery shopping... a painter will see an incredible display of fruit that makes them want to go home and paint a still life.... a sculptor is inspired by the line of the guava fruit.... the doll maker sees the cloves and nuts as eyes for her dolls, the hooker is inspired by the colors and wants to go home and dye gobs of wool to attain those colors so she can "paint" (hook) with them! It's all relative... color, line, and value. It doesn't matter what kind of artist you are - you can and will find beauty and inspiration everywhere you go! Thus the importance of keeping a journal, or a sketchbook. Call it an inspiration book, or call it whatever you want. LOL But this is the place where you should be able to sketch, doodle, write single words, phrases, or whole essays on anything that moves you or inspires you. This is the place that when your "creative juices have done dried up" that you can doodle making absolutely no sense, until the juices start to flow again. This will also become your saving grace when those juices seem to be running thin!! Just cruising through the pages will spark the smallest interest and inspiration and remind your subconcious WHY you love to create! Those little hidden ideas, quirky as they may be, may start the flow of consequential ideas and motivation. I can honestly say that I have been lax in this department. Knowing it and doing it are two different things, don't you think? :0) For years instead of keeping a specified "journal", I have kept piles (literally) of sticky notes and ripped out binder paper, old envelopes, napkins... you name it... whatever happens to be handy at the time of inspiration or a doodling moment!! bahaha!!! So... what I have now, is a lovely folder full of these scraps of papers. Which is a lot less accessible than a journal! I admit it... i have a paper & pen fetish. Office stores turn me on. Art stores with all those pens, pencils, markers, erasers, gorgeous papers.... omg.. yep I'm panting just thinking about it!! LOL I believe sticky notes are the next best thing to chocolate! :0) Thank goodness my husband has the same affliction, or else I fear I would have to sneak sticky notes into the house and hide them! As it is, my wonderful hubby brings me pens and sticky pads, and grid paper instead of flowers! LOLOL!! (you don't hear me complaining!!) Anyway, I digress... (did I mention that Rosanna Rosanna Danna is a long lost relative of mine?) ... Journals... I FINALLY started keeping a notebook for all my ideas and scribbles, business plans, and designing. Well I'm here to tell you that it is AWESOME!!!!! If you haven't made the effort to do this yet... YOU NEED TO!! (yes... if sticky notes are handy i still use those! LOL But they can stick INSIDE of my journal! ) Try keeping a small one in your purse, a composition size one in your car and desk, and one by your bedside. And if you're afraid... start small. Start with just one - but USE IT! You will soon see the need for several others! :0) That's my thought for the day! over and out! Bren :0)

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