Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Well my son and I were diagnosed with Pertussis on Monday. 
Yes, pertussis as in whooping cough. We get innoculated as babies, and get boosters as teens. 
I didn't!
I knew about getting tetnus boosters.  But didn't realize we were supposed to get the DPT shot every ten years. (DPT=ditheria, pertussis, tetnus) 

There is an outbreak happening across the US right now. Huge numbers. This can be fatal to babies and elderly. And even tho not usually fatal to those 15-45, you still are still sicker than a dog and coughing for upwards of 3+ months. 
If you haven't had a DPT shot in the last ten years - CALL YOUR DOCTOR TODAY and go get one! 
Apparently this year more than any other in the past is posing a huge risk. (I think because most of us don't know that we need these shots as adults!) 

If i can keep even one of you from getting this crap, then this post is worth it!!
If any of you are already coughing - go get checked!!

So, anyway...
they put the whole family on prophylactic antibiotics. Bailey and I are under "house arrest" for 5 days, until we finish the Z pack.  Now here's something interesting... the Zithromax doesn't help you feel better and kill the infection - it does however kill the contagen!  And when I asked how soon we would start feeling better, do you know what the guy from the CDC said?  
"Well.. it's not called the 100 day cough for nothing..." 
I about cried. :( 
I am so tired of coughing :(  My whole body hurts from coughing. And i'm almost at the 5 week mark.  35 days. And they say it can go to 100???
Holy crap. I don't know how long I'll make it before I have a total emotional feel sorry for myself breakdown (which I have a tendancy to do after being sick for a while)
Keeping my chin up as far as I can in the meantime! 
pleeeaaassee go get your boosters!!


~Michelle~ said...

In CA, you get tDap - so tetanus & whooping cough in one shot. Because there was a bad breakout here in 2010, hubs & I both got shots when I was preggo. Baby got her 1st dose @ 2 month appointment.

I had read a sad story about an infant who was hospitalized (touch & go) for weeks, because while her family was vaccinated, her older sister brought home the vaccine on her clothes from a classmate who wasn't vaccinated. Seems to me like a compelling argument for getting a vaccine - you shouldn't put others at risk, it's a community health issue.

~Michelle~ said...

*brought home whooping cough*

acorn hollow said...

not sure where you are but I was offered it this year at my physical and turned it down. I thought it was just another one of those shots no one needs
Cathy in NH

Rugs and Pugs said...

I had no idea! Now that doesn't mean I'll go get one, but I'll at least think about it and maybe even act on it! I suppose I got it as a kid, but that was decades ago.
Thanks for letting us know.
Hugs :)

kelley said...

Got my booster when I went back to school...almost time for another one...flu shot at work this week...

Sorry about the cooties...coughing does wear you least you'll have a partner in crime for a while...

had a patient the other night that made me think of you and Bailey...high school football player who was so handsome grown women went weak in the knees...not me of course....eeeewe...I could never be a cougar...

love ya toots!

WoolenSails said...

We had an outbreak of it in our area, last month, so have been keeping away from sick people, lol. Now Bill is coughing, but I am on doxy for my lyme, so staying on it until he gets better;) I hope you all feel better soon.