Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Favorite Things About Quilting

I thought you might like to see the orange quilt right out of the washer and dryer!
First things first... the YUMMMY CRINKLY GOODNESS!!!! 

drooling yet? LOL 
I swear that is my favorite part of quilting! Pulling it out of the dryer... soft, warm, antiquey looking, soft crinkles... sigh....  yep! 
Second favorite part of quilting is the quilting itself! Free motion lights my fire :)

And close for a tie for #2 is choosing fabrics! I could do that all day, every day and be one happy camper! Too bad I can't find a job as a creative eye! LOL!

3rd favorite part of quilting... seeing the top done and together!
4th favorite... hand sewing on the binding

 5th ... taking pictures :)

Notice that cutting, and sewing all those pieces together are not in my top 5 ?? 
What's up with that?

Well, regardless of those favorites, this quilt turned out exactly as I had hoped! And i am in love! (yes, once again lol) 
I love the crispness of the orange and white... i love all that negative space on the back... i love the orange fabrics I used (and have been gathering for over a year just for this quilt) ... I LOVE those darn owls! Yep, i love everything about it! <3 p="p">
But.. i made it to sell. And try to sell I will! It is now in my etsy shop - take a peek! 

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Jacque. said...

ohwow...looks delish!!!