Saturday, September 22, 2012

This is a charm pack of Fandango, by Kate Spain.. mixed with some celery kona. Not real excited about this. No matter what solid I put with it, it just doesn't light my fire :/  
Mostly because they just aren't "my" colors, I think. ?? But I figure it will give me something to practice some new free motion ideas on!  

This however, I am really excited about!!! Can you believe it? Blues?
 Wait until you see what I have in mind!!! :D 

I need to go get my tire fixed today. Apparently I acquired a screw in my brand new tire, and it has gone flat. Lovely! 
But oh so thankful for the free tire fixes our local tire place does!  I should be in and out in about a half an hour, and then I'm off to the fabric store! Woohooo!!  **insert self control and I have to stick to my list!** 
And on a positive note... I am on a second round of antibiotics and I woke up feeling much much better!! Like a cloud has been lifted!! Praise God!! Maybe I'll even be back to myself and 100% by the end of the week!! yayyyy!!
Hope you have an awesome day, and you have time to be creative!
Bren :)

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WoolenSails said...

I have a few quilts to quilt, just need to get the motivation to get the batting and back on, lol. I need more free motion practice and learn how to take my time and not rush it;)