Thursday, November 3, 2011

1 UFO Finish!

First UFO finish! And as much as I struggled with this one - which was actually more of a struggle with my non existant creative juices at the time -it has turned out to be one of my favorites thus far! It is such a soft quilt... a soft drape, perfect suggle-ability for those cold nights on the couch! And I really think that denyse schmidt green floral made it all come together. I LOVE it!  And I'm happy to finally have it done! :)
We had a snow day yesterday (schools closed we got hit so hard) so I have no where to lay this to take pics, except thrown over my couch!

on the outer borders, I did free motion daisy chains with leaves in between. The border isn't crooked, that's just my picture taking skills! lol
 For the back, I used an art gallery print that I had a yard and a half of... and this other sweet print that is butter yellow with soft pink polka dots and flowers. I just love the feel of the art gallery fabrics!! And I think this backing was cheery and well suited to the quilt :)

 Binding was an old tula pink print that i found in my stash, and had just enough to bind with! I don't think it could be any more perfect! I'm loving how the greens pull everything together in this quilt!
 And... plopped on the back of our couch. Looking at this picture i am seeing how tired our couch is starting to look :(    (and in case you're wondering what that brown cushion is all about... we put a throw over the middle cushion, because we all like to curl our legs up under us when sitting on the couch - and knowing that would become the most dirty, worn part of the couch, I have always just tucked that throw on there to protect it! It looks horrible i know. And when company comes over, it comes off.  But I didn't feel like cleaning up before taking these pictures! LOL)
 And not to be left out of the picture taking, Lexi kept moving around trying to get IN the pictures. LOL  (if you zoom up to the first picture, you'll see her trying to be incognito)  So, to make her feel better, I snapped one just of her :) 
It's been a long couple of weeks. My mom is doing pretty good. It's slow healing, and frustrating for her, but it's amazing how fast the body heals and makes progress! Every day there is small improvements. 
I am beat. We've all been fighting this flu bug that has been going around... so far Dan, Bailey and I have managed to keep it from coming on full force. Calli wasn't so lucky ;(    She was sick all of fall break, and I was at my mom's all weekend and into this week. And while they all took a snow day yesterday (rest, movies, and play) I was busy trying to get the house back in order from my absence.  I'm mostly just taking it easy today. Finishing up laundry, cleaned the kitchen and made a pot of chili.  Wanting to sew.... but just not having the energy ;(   Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be feeling better rested!  Taking my vitamins and drinking echinacea tea and hopefully a little rest will keep this bug at bay!
Hope you all have a great week!


WoolenSails said...

That is a beautiful quilt, I can see why you like it.
I hope you and your family feel better soon.


bevkimmel said...

Wonderful, gorgeous and cheery! I love the yellow background and the green strips with it. what a wonderful job!

Courtney said...

Stunning quilt! I wish I could add quilting to my list of skills! Stay well...there are so many bugs going around! Have a good weekend...I know it's a day away, but I'm ever hopeful!

grendelskin said...

What a lovely finish! You're right, the green floral makes the front pull together beautifully, and the binding is perfect! Yay, one UFO down!

Miz T. said...

Congratulations on finishing your UFO! Your quilt looks soft and will be wonderful on the upcoming winter evenings. You did a nice job choosing colors...they work really well together. Nice job! And I hope your family all feels better soon!

Jacque. said...

YAY for you on having finishing a quilt!!! And, a beautiful one, to boot! Don't you just love those that call out to be snuggled in? Nice work on the quilting, too.