Saturday, August 27, 2011

Well here is one finish this week :)
I started out making this for our neighbor boy who just turned one. But halfway through, I changed my mind, and instead I am making him one with words and bold blues, reds and greens :) I'm not quite done with it, but I'll be sure to show you when I get it finished!  This one is a baby quilt and it measures 45" x 50".
 And the back :)
 I used a fun lime green thread for quilting, and a grey kona for the binding. Figured it was busy enough as it was... it didn't need a print on the edges!  Just LOVE these kona colors!  I'm not a big blue person, but this Delft (?) is just gorgeous with the terragon!
 And this... well... this seems to be a new member of our family!
No, i don't normally take in strays. (yes i always WANT to. LOL But i can't help but hear my Dad yelling in my head - never never feed strays!!!)  But this guy... I couldn't help myself.  Someone abandoned him I think.  He had been coming around for a month or so, always sneaking into our garage and eating our cat's food.  We kept "pssting" him out and shooing him away.  Well, I was out pulling weeds one day, and there he is meowing like no ones business. And creeping ever so closer, telling me his life story.
I kept ignoring him... until he got so close that I could pet him. Oh MY WORD. He was skin and bones! :(
And he is a BIG BOY! He stands a full hand taller than both of our female kitties - and his paws are huge! I keep calling him "Beefcake"  LOL
The kids have been calling him Socks :)

 Once I touched him I about broke down in tears. He was literally starving to death! How can anyone be soo cruel???
And he was soo skittish, but was so hungry, he was willing to overcome his fear of me, in hopes of food. There is just no way on this earth that I could turn my back on him. Dad's voice or not! Ticking off my cats or not. (they are VERY territorial, and one is total alpha and doesn't take any crap from any other animal! lol)  Sooo... i knew... i knew it wasn't going to go well once Pounce realized we were feeding this intruder! LOL
But somehow she knew. She wasn't happy about it. Oh no. But she knew he was starving, and she literally looked the other way and let him eat. (that is soooo NOT her M.O.!)
We put food and water on the front porch for him - not near our kitty's bowls in the garage. 
But he has since taken over ownership of us. He is such a LOVE.  Forever tangling himself in and out of our legs, head butting and begging for love! Ok. That was fine. I have more than enough love to go around!
Well... as any cat owner can attest... each cat has their own personality, their own routines, their favorite places to sleep, to stand guard, etc.
Mr. Beefcake has now decided that all the places that Pounce (the alpha) sleeps - is a great place for HIM to sleep too! And since she stands guard at the front door and at the garage door - he's taken over a few of her shifts for her. I'm guessing he's just trying to help her out - since she's ever vigilant, she must be tired, right?
Yah. Pounce isn't liking this one bit.
I don't think she sees it as a favor. At all.  LOL More like black goldilocks has moved into her house, eating from her bowl, and sleeping in HER bed!
He's conveniently IGNORING her. Because this is now HIS house.
Ho boy. Did I mention she's a queen bee and doesn't take crap from any animal? Not dogs, fox, racoons, or cats!  She's a bit of a studette. lol
So we'll see how this will go down. She's had about enough of looking the other way.
And Beefcake has finally put on a little (not nearly enough yet) weight. But I'm guessing Pounce thinks it's enough!
He keeps trying to come in the house.
I keep telling him no. For right now that is the boundry line. Come winter tho... ??
These two are gonna need to make nice first.
And THEN we'll introduce him to Lexi! LOL
(she just wants to play, ALL THE TIME, and kitties are fun to play with!)

So no.. i don't regret feeding him. And i don't regret a minute of loving him.  But.. what have i gotten myself into????


WoolenSails said...

Wonderful quilt, I need to get moving and finish mine.
My tuxedo is like that, more like a dog, in size and behavior, but he lets the girls pick on him, lol.


kelley said... could you resist the little angel that was sent for you to rescue...

Jacque. said...

LOVE the quilt! So happy you finally got to do some quilting! And, the cat...well, welcome. I guess.

Courtney said...

The quilt is awesome. Your new kitty is really cool. I hope the other cats accept him soon. I'm sure they'll figure out some sort of pecking order in time.

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Sweet quilt, love the colors and the back of it!
Seems you were really meant to help this little guy out. hoping in time that your other cats will accept him since Winter is coming! or maybe someone will be looking for a cat by then and you can give him a good home.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Mr. Beefcake chose the right person to tell his story to :) How kind of you to listen.
Sweet quilt!
Pug hugs :)

Woolly Lott Rugs said...

Ahhh Bren, God Bless You for taking this little fellow under your wing. I think it will all work out, they will all figure out how to get along and Lexi will have a blast playing with both of them!! Yes I know....goldens never stop loving to play, play and play!!!


Joanne said...

Bren how great of you to reach out to this kitty - so happy he found you too - he knows a kind soul! Love your quilt - So happy looking!