Monday, August 29, 2011

More Finishes

Hi! Happy Monday! :)
Thought I would show you a few more of the finishes I got done this last week in my sewing binge!
Finally got this big one bound and washed. Yay!
This windowpane quilt was done using a kate spain charm pack and a few extras. I love how it came out! Wishing I was a better photographer, or had someone around during the day to hold this up! I made this for our family room couch to snuggle up in :)

 I gave it a white border to add a little more width. And it's bound in the same turquoise blue kate spain print you see in the photo above.
 The back i did in long strips, since i knew i would be straight line quilting... thought this would be fun :)  I used that same blue print, and word fabrics from barnatex. Sorry I didn't get a close up of those... but if you go a couple posts earlier, you can see the fabrics themselves. Happy to have it done!
 Now... onto a few other things I worked on last friday! My daughter is such a girly girl!!! And as she grows, she is only growing in height - so many clothes that still have good wear left in them can be modified into unique and fun girly things and in the process extend the life of some perfectly good clothes!
She's been runnin around in these faded jeans, with holes in the knees :)  Ok... i'm an 80's girl... so i actually like that look! :D
But the other day I noticed they were just starting to get a bit ratty, and not so cool anymore! LOL
So I hacked off the legs....
 And turned them into a cute pair of cuffed shorts!  Calli chose the print for the cuff, and then she saw a piece of tufted tweets purple chairs and said OOhhhh can we put these on the front??  She thinks those chairs are hilarious!  :)
 I also finished this pair. I just LOVVVEE THEM!!! :) And so does she!
This is sooo easy to do!!  And Calli just loves it when i do this to her jeans! It makes her feel SPECIAL! She's the only girl in her school that has boutique looking jeans with frills on the bottom! :D  Wishing I would have grabbed a picture of her wearing them! They look ADORABLE on her!
 Add a few special appliques and free motion them down.. and voila! Fun funky girl jeans! :)
 Here's another pair I made her last year. Two of the appliques got peeled off. LOL I hadn't figured out how to sew them down with my machine on that pair - so they were all hand sewn on. Yah... that doesn't hold up to kid wear! LOL! But she has practically worn these out she loves them so much!
 Somehow this little flower applique is still on the pocket!? Guessing it won't last much longer! LOL!
I love doing things like this for Calli ! And donchya know... she's still at the age where she thinks she has the coolest mom of all ! :D   I'm hanging on to that title for AS LONG AS I CAN!!!!! :)   All too soon, I will be the "old fashioned mom that doesn't know anything!"  Until then though... i still get to walk with her hand in hand, am begged to come help at school and have lunch with her, (she actually is begging me to home school her! lol) and i get to make her fun girly things that make her feel special! Aaaahhh... wish this time period could last forever!!
Bright blessings,
Bren :)


Jacque. said...

Lovin' that quilt! YAY to you for getting some things done! Those jeans you modified are awesome!

WoolenSails said...

Wonderful quilt and fun jeans. I am saving my husband's, plan on making a quilt with them.


Amy Bronee said...

I absolutely ADORE this quilt! I have been searching for ideas for my next quilt (only my third one) and I want to do one like this! Is it okay for me to ask you how much fabric you used? You say you did a charm pack and... how much of the grey and white? Also, how did you piece it together? In rows? Sorry for all the questions, you've just really inspired me!