Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sooo glad my kids are home!!!

Calli and Bailey were blessed to be able to go to camp this year! They were gone for 8 days. I thought I would be all thrilled with the quiet time while they were gone. You know. Get alot of sewing done, read a book or two. Watch a movie uninterupted for a change.
Yah. No.
I hated them being gone!
I got a little peek into what it will feel like being an empty nester. Nope. I don't like it. LOL
Can I just stop time RIGHT HERE?? Say for... oh... the next 10 or 15 years?
I LOVE the joy, the laughter, the goofiness of my kids. And the love between them/us all.
So it was a very LONG 8 days!
And the reunion was sweet! :)
So many stories to tell!
And they were lucky enough to go to this gorgeous Christian camp up in the mountains - Colorado is sooo gorgeous this time of year! (ok, well any time of year)
It was also a music camp. They worked very hard learning new intruments and put on a big show on the last day. Calli took percussion - and learned the basics of playing drums, reading music, and understanding music. She also learned basic keyboard.
Bailey already plays trombone and electric guitar. So he was in advanced band, and learned acoustic guitar. Sooo neat for both of them!!
Emily spent almost the entire week with her best girlfriend, and painted her girlfriend's room.
Mom and Dad were home trying to enjoy the break, and not succeeding! :) Pathetic huh?
Here's some snapshots I took the day we went up to get them. What an awesome day it was!
Did I mention I was thrilled for them? Did I mention i am soo happy to have them home??
They've been home all of 3 days. And they are leaving tomorrow for a week long trip with Grama & Grampa in the RV to South Dakota.
Wishing I had made plans for myself and hubby to take off for a week together! House is going to be altogether too quiet! Whaaa!!!
Anyone wanna come over and make noise at my house??

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Courtney said...

I remember when my boys went to visit my sister-in-law's family in Spain for a month. I cried all the way home from the airport, then stumbled into the kitchen, sat on the floor, hugged the poor dog and cried some more. Kids bring life to the house. We think we want quiet, but then...not so much. The camp looked like a great place. What fun to learn new instruments...I know, I play many of them too! Good for them!