Friday, July 15, 2011

Bernina Blessings

So, I didn't realize I was going to chat so much in the last post! So I split them up, since I knew this one was going to be lengthy as well!
I have one more thing to add, as mentioned earlier... Good faithful sewing machines!! I am a BERNINA GIRL! A faithful, loyal Bernina devotee! LOL! Nothing else sews like them. There is nothing a Bernina can't do well. And the QUALITY of their machines so far surpasses all others on the market! Well... that's MY die hard opinion anyway! :) So, you've heard me mention that I want to heff my machine out the window. That's because I know how it's supposed to sew. Beautifully. Perfectly. As all Berninas do! And I have higher expectations for the machine that I saved for for 2 years, and passed on cheaper models and brands so I could get the machine that would do what I wanted it to do - and KNEW unequivically that it COULD!! And Berninas are built to last - like i said - total quality!! So I had no hesitations in buying a used one! And oh how thrilled I was to finally get it! Imagine my surprise, and total disappointment to find out that the previous owner had run her machine into the ground. Obviously, she didn't take care of it, service it, or even oil it! Now who in their right mind does that to such an incredible machine that takes such good care of you?? I've had it serviced and fixed twice now by the local Bernina store - they are so awesome! And sadly the machine has been so mistreated, there's no telling if we'll ever get her working correctly :( I've just run out of money to keep trying! ;( *cry* And of course my husband is having a hard believing me that Berninas are the end all be all, after experiencing this. So he won't be buying me a new one any time soon. *cry cry* So what's a girl to do? Pull out old faithful, that's what!!
My Dad bought my Mom this top of the line machine when i was... 9?10? 12? Somewhere in there. I was sewing on my mom's old singer at the time, and having fits because the timing was so messed up. LOL But i didn't know that wasn't normal, at the time! And I made it work for me, because I LOVED to sew! :) This machine was off limits to me - a child - until several years later. I think I was about 15 when I asked my mom if I could use her machine to sew some shorts. That's the day that my life changed in sewing! It wasn't a constant struggle and tug of war with the machine. It's like she did all the work and I didn't have to! She purred instead of clanking! The knee lift was M A G I C! And the perfect consistancy of the stitches blew my mind! I was in love. For life! LOL! Over the next 4 or 5 years I used this machine solely. Then I moved to Colorado. With NO machine. Heartbreaking. It's true! :) Bought what I could afford, so I could keep sewing. A cheap Brother. I gotta say though, that that cheap Brother sewed like a work horse day in and day out sewing every single day for 6 years! It finally konked out, and being a young family with a small budget, my only option was another Brother, or a singer. Had my experiences with singers always breaking down, so opted for another brother. And still missing "my" Bernina every day, I tried that whole "too bad I don't have my bernina here in colorado" subliminally on my mom a few times :) Nope.. didn't work! LOL
But a few years ago, she passed it on to me. Yes, it's now around 30 years old. And not nearly as fancy and cool as the new ones! But she's a treasure! I know this machine's quirks, it's favorite threads, it's happy sewing speed - how can I not? I grew up into adulthood sewing on this girl! Soooo when I was absolutely desperate last week to sew, I remembered my old faithful girl tucked under my table and pulled her out! Cleaned her, oiled her... and yes.. admittedly whispered sweet nothings to her, saying she was my last hope... she came through like the champ she was built to be! And I was reminded again of why I loved Berninas -and sewing so much!
I whipped up the little pouch for my Mom, and the little bag, and still needed to sew some more, as I was enjoying it again for the first time in quite a while! So I made my bag. And loved every minute of it!
Do I wish the artista 180 was working just as beautifully? Oh yah, you know i do! But am I happy to have something to sew on - and not just any old machine - but my faithful old best friend? You'd better believe it! I hope she continues to hold up until I can afford to upgrade to one made in this century! LOL!
In the meantime, Bernie and I will continue to be the best of friends!
Now, if only my Mom could find her accessory box!

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Julia said...

I've used a Signer for most of my married life until my kids bought me a Husqvarna C20 for Christmas several years ago. I thought that they had bought me a small chain saw, lol.... Imagine my surprise when I opened up the box. I was so happy I was crying because they got me a sewing machine. It's sew so quietly.

I can relate to having a machine that is less than satisfactory. Happy sewing. JB