Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summertime summertime, sum sum summer time!
Ohh the days of being young and carefreee!
Sisters playing in the pool
Can't believe i got these two shots! How fun!! :D
Remember the hours and hours of trying to do the perfect handstand underwater?
Thinking you did it PERFECT, only to come up and have someone say - nope you were lopsided!?
But back then we didn't have digital cameras to capture the moment so quickly!
Try and try again. Finally they got it! But of course that picture is in the middle instead of last. LOL
They found a worm.... and thought that was just hilarious. LOL
We took Lexi to the dog park day before yesterday. Sooo much fun for her!! Running full speed, romping in the water, playing with other dogs. Oh yah. She was a happy camper! :) Wish I would have had a camera to bring!! Caught these with Emily's camera yesterday. We just dont realize how totally spoiled we are in this day and age!! I gotta admit... i love the instant gratification of taking a picture and seeing it immediately! I miss my camera!! Guess what i'm asking for for my birthday this month? :D
Have a happy blessed summer day!


Jacque. said...

ohhhh, I bet they're happy to be spending time together! Love the photos!

Courtney said...

Lucky kiddos! My classroom of students still have 4 more days of school ahead of them...I'd rather see them romping in the pool and at the beach! It's time for summer to start!
Very cool pics!

Joanne said...

What great shots of the girls! I want to "cannonball" right in there with them!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Bren ~
What great pictures! Thanks for sharing.
Pug hugs :)