Monday, June 13, 2011

A little polka dot therapy

So, or not sew as the case may be :) I haven't done much sewing the last few months. Lack of motivation, or inspiration, or just plain distracted with everything else. But i was jonesin! (is that still even a word? lol) I sewed up a few chemo caps for a dear friend who has a friend battling cancer. That got me back to the machine! Yay! Then the other day, i was desperately wanting to sew. I think i stood in my room... turning in circles... touching this or that... for... oh... an hour?!? Couldn't figure out WHAT i wanted to start on. Nothing was screaming - me! pick me! Don't you hate that? I much prefer the sudden inspirations where you can't run fast enough to your sewing room and rip things off the shelf - fabric flying, scissors seeming to work magic of their own acoord! And you work like crazy for two days and have something awesome to show for it! LOL! Then there are times - usually when you've gone wayyy too long without being creative - and the mojo is on ultra slow drip! My personal motto when that happens - is just start SOMETHING. Doesn't matter what. Just start. You might hate it later, that's fine. You might change your mind half way thru the process and rip half your rug apart, or quilt blocks apart. That's fine too. LOL Because that means the creative energy has returned! And the only way to get it to return is to dive in and get moving forward! Well i finally picked up a charm pack of Hoot, and some pale yellow kona. And started sewing. I hated it. Knew i wasn't on the right path. I wasn't feelin it. But i didn't care - just needed to SEW!! And ya know what? I wasn't even 45 minutes into it, and inspiration struck! Whooohooo!! I needed some POLKA DOT THERAPY!!!!!! Laugh all you want, my primitive friends :) But polka dots make my heart sing! :) Grabbed that pile of fabric and stuck it aside, and started pulling other fabrics and sliced and diced and sewed! Woot! I'm excited about my new project now!! yay! Got 8 of these made, and 4 more started in just a few hours. Feels SO good now! Can't wait to finish it!! :D
Hope you are having a great day! I'm off to sew some more!


TamboinMO said...

Loving your polka dota AND your color scheme!!!!

Jacque. said...

You're such a dotty girl...haha! Glad you're sewing.

Joanne said...

Dot sounds like you have a great plan! Love the polkydots

Darlene said...

Hello - just discovered your blog. How? Oh, I don't know - clicked here, clicked there and lo and behold here I am. LOL

I am crazy about your post today - my mojo has been on a very slow drip for several months now. You hit the nail on the head - just start something!!!! :-)

Love your polka dot inspiration!!!