Saturday, June 25, 2011

Has It Been Almost a Week Already??

Ok, so i'm not the best at blogging in the summer. But hey, I'm doing better than last summer! LOL (ie... NO posts at all)
Nothin new or fun to report on. You know. Summer days. More swimming (of course - kids are insatiable)
Barbequeing. Playing cards or board games into the evening.
Kids have had (what feels like) a bazillion sleep overs this week alone. So there are always anywhere from 5-10 kids at the house at any given time.
NEED to hit sams club. Totally out of food now. LOL
(teenagers are ALWAYS hungry!)
Yesterday - which of course was probably our hottest day yet - is when I decided to tackle cleaning out the garage. And no, stupidity doesn't run in our family. LOL
But I was motivated to get it done, and who knew when that would show up again? :D Our garage is always seemingly out of control. Especially after winter. Everyone just piles (or drop kicks) stuff out there whenever they don't know where else to put something. Kids do NOT put things back where they belong, so there is always a trail of roller blades, skateboards, scooters, balls, mitts, swim stuff, socks (amazing how many socks i found! I guess from when they take off their roller blades??? I have NO idea? lol) you name it. And I am always tripping over them or stubbing my toe on weights! arrggh. So no small feat to clean and organize it. LOL Started at 9am.... finished at 7pm. Did i mention it was dang hot???
Yah. I was absolutely whooped when i was done.
But can i just say, it was worth every dirty, grimy, sweaty minute?!
Down side... sadly... is now my hubby will see it as space to fill up! :(
Wonder how long I can get it to last??
Care to place any wagers?
Today i am actually child free for a few hours! Woohoo!! And sitting here at the computer like a tired old lady. Geez. I should go sew or something! But working that hard in the heat really did me in, and i'm payin the price for it today. So... good time to catch up on blog reading! No energy expenditure required! :D


Julia said...

Cleaning a garage is no small feat, You say that you have nothing to report. I think that it news worthy to post about cleaning the garage all day in that heat.

Now you are all tired but if feels good to have a clean garage. I have the very same problem with my husband, as soon as there's a clear square inch, he fills it with something. Why is this?...

Hooray for you. Now could you come clean mine please?...
pretty please... JB

Courtney said...

Having just cleaned out the garage and hauled it all to the dump...I feel your pain! LOL But, it does look good all cleared out! Hope you can keep hubby out of there for a while!

Kathy (woolfind) said...

What a job, and what a feeling to have it all done!
Hmm, taking a bet? If he has something in his hands in the next day or two, it's going to land there lol.

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Congrats on getting all that cleaning done! Loved seeing the pics of the kiddos in the previous post....looks like they are enjoying summer to the fullest!