Monday, June 27, 2011

Artist/Blogger Shout out

Well happy Tuesday to you! :)
Today's post is a fun shout out.
In case you have never met Michelle Allen in blogland. You might want to go take a peek at her blog!
I've been following Michelle's adventures for a couple of years now - and ya know... I just smile whenever I visit her blog!
She's an incredible artist who uses so many different mediums and textiles - always incorporating something new, trying new things and ALWAYS exploring and growing her creative side! (something I highly admire)
She's a successful entrepreneur, who not only started her own company -Allen Designs -with her art, but has taken it to amazing levels -and sells all over the world. A true inspiration!
Michelle's artwork speaks for itself. But if I had to put adjectives out there to describe it, I would say FUN, SPUNKY, BOLD & WHIMSICAL!
Sounds silly - but she lets her child side out - and you can't help but smile when you look at the results! :D
And something else that drew me in years ago - she's "real". You just want to hug her, because she's true to who she is!
Here are a few pics I pulled - with her permission - but it's such a small sampling of all that she does. Pull up a chair and a cup of coffee and go PLAY on her blog or website!
( Ok, so i have to admit i am head over heels for this darn sock monkey clock!! It just BELONGS in Calli's room!!)
And check out this robot clock! Do you have sons or grandsons that would just FLIP over this??? Wishing I had little boys still! LOL
she just recently got into book/journal making - very neat! Which can be interpretted or made in so many ways!
paper mache dolls...
I think this was her first go with fabric doll making? these are a hoot!!
And ohh... sigh... her art journaling... I love that she takes snapshots and shares them with the rest of us! Always different, and she layers them as she goes - I LOVE seeing the process! And they're personal... dreams, hopes, goals, emotions... they're really special :)
And she paints! Man, can that girl paint!! Although i didnt grab a pic of one of her paintings.
It's pretty awesome! Many times she will take snapshots of the progression of the paintings, and you get to see how it gets from start to finish.
Yet something else I am drawn to - the PROCESS. Of any art form. Guess my curiosity of "how did you get from point A to point B?" is always on - no matter the craft or the art - that's always my first question! LOL! How did you DO that??
And when I get to SEE how others do it - I swear it opens up so many other options and ideas - just sparks the whole creative fire, which helps me grow! And no - I don't paint. And I don't do art journaling, (gotta admit the desire is totally there, but the talent is definitely NOT! lol) but seeing other artists work is kindling to the fire within us all. I think especially when it's a different kind of art than we ourselves do. That's why we all love seeing what others are doing! Appreciation for all the energy, time, thought and raw talent that someone has put into a project gives us the giddys! :)
And a little disclaimer.
No - she didn't pay me to say all these things. LOL
She doesn't even know that i was going to go all gushy on her!
I just asked if i could give her a shout out on my blog, because after seeing that sock monkey and falling in love, i know many of my friends have kids and grandkids that would just do flips over her stuff! And you know, we're always keepin our eyes open for birthdays and Christmas! LOL!
And even if you don't have kids, treat yourself! :)


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

I'm going to check out her blog! You're very nice to give her a totally unsolicited plug!! We all need to support each other ~ can't wait to see more of her work ~ those clocks are pretty funny!!

WoolenSails said...

I love her work, it is so fun and I really love the kitty clock. I do like to do art myself, just need to find more time to do more;)


kelley said...

What a fun artist! Will be keeping an eye on her makes me smile...

hugs to you "old" girl...happy day